30 years since Challenger: New voice at astronauts’ memorial

Jan 28, 2016

Investigators would later conclude that superheated gas escaped the O-ring joint and caused the tanks to explode… dooming the space craft.

Challenger Space Shuttle moments before take off.

Who was onboard? There were five NASA scientists and two payload specialists onboard. The shuttle was only in the air for 73 seconds before the lives of Francis “Dick” Scobee, Michael Smith, Christa McAuliffe, Judith Resnik, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka and Gregory Jarvis were tragically cut short.

Christa McAuliffe grew up in Concord, N.H. and went to college at Framingham State University where her mission to inspire people around the world is still carried out.

According to the Associated Press, dozens of educators who competed alongside McAuliffe to become the first teacher in space gathered Thursday to remember her and the others lost to the disaaster.

Were they killed in the explosion?

‘There’s always one kid who knows, ‘ he says. It is possible that the crew was still alive until their cabin crashed onto the ocean’s surface.

NASA was under a lot of pressure, he said, to keep costs down and stick to a very busy launch schedule. Things such as ejection seats and full pressure suits were only included on test flights, not operational missions. All three of the space agency’s major spacecraft disasters – the Apollo 1 fire and the losses of the Challenger and Columbia Space Shuttles – occurred around this time at different points in history.

The space craft the Challenger exploded a little more than a minute after take off from NASA.

This was already planned to be an historic mission for the space program. Heres how Kathy Sawyer described the aftermath at Kennedy Space Center in The Washington Post:The rumbling sounds from the sky gradually died away.

However, that never happened.

What’s NASA doing today? . Each year on the anniversary of the disaster, NASA honors these fallen seven with a Day of Remembrance, along with the other astronauts who have died in the quest for human space exploration.

“The passage of 30 years since the Challenger accident is not of great personal significance to our family”, Steven McAuliffe, McAuliffe’s widower and a federal judge, told the Associated Press in a statement.

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