A Taco shop has turned CCTV robbery footage into an advert

The register, however, had been emptied earlier in the night so the thieves came away empty-handed of both cash or food.

Thieves looking to score an easy payday by burglarizing the taco shop Frijoles & Frecas Grilled Tacos in Las Vegas have unwittingly become YouTube stars thanks to the creativity of the shop’s manager, Greg Carlson.

As the burglars ransack the restaurant, the video suggests they’re frantically looking everywhere for tacos.

He says the comedic video has led to a big uptick in customers, and has been viewed over a million times. “Come find out why they wanted our tacos so badly”, it adds.

Carlson posted surveillance from the break-in to his YouTube on December 17 along with captions and extra footage to make it a commercial.

They even check the storage room for loot. The only problem is they were caught on camera, and now thanks to the hilarious captions and a viral video, the suspects are pretty much guaranteed to get arrested.

Ain’t nothing better than a great taco except maybe the thrill of breaking a taco restaurant glass door with a rock and taking every valuable item inside you see that isn’t bolted to the ground.

The video also urges viewers with any information on the robbery to call the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

After watching this video, we can guarantee that you’re going to want a taco from Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos. It took place at about 3.30am on December 16.

Las Vegas Taco Shop Mocks Burglars Caught on Surveillance Tape With This Must-See Video


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