All Eyes on Iowa and New Hampshire

Feb 1, 2016

After a press conference where he introduced legislation to close corporate profit reporting loopholes, Lesniak said that Sanders has shown himself to be a credible threat and, he believes, a good influence on Clinton as she adjusts her platform to compete.

Weaver told the Times on Tuesday that Sanders would sit out the debate if it is not sanctioned by the DNC. “But first things first: We have to agree that we’re going to debate in New Hampshire”.

“I am, you know, anxious if we can get something set up to be able to be there”.

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is third at 14 percent ahead of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 9 percent and retired Maryland neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 8 percent. The campaign also stipulated that none be held on a Friday, Saturday or holiday weekend, when the number of potential viewers typically dips.

But Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said late Wednesday that Sanders would be willing to participate in New Hampshire if the DNC added three more debates after the ones now scheduled. Clinton has held onto her lead there, but just narrowly, besting Sanders 48% to 45%. “We look forward to working with the DNC and the other campaigns to schedule a series of debates to follow those now scheduled”.

But what if all three candidates participated in the unsanctioned debate?

“The debate over the debate is where it should be – in the hands of the three candidates”, Surdukowski said Wednesday.

“Everything she has ever touched, she made something good happen”, he said. “But that’s something we’re still talking about”, he said.

But the Democrat – who leads her party nationally in the race for the White House – didn’t actually go bowling. The campaigns are making their move to take the schedule back, and the real winners if Clinton and Sanders can come to an agreement will be Democratic primary voters. “I feel that I’ve learned a lot, I think my experience as secretary of state has given me additional understanding of what the next president has to do”.

“Our readers have demanded a debate to help them see who is most fit to be the Democratic nominee for President”, said Joseph W. McQuaid, president and publisher of the Union Leader.

The Monmouth University Poll surveyed 504 Iowa voters likely to attend the Democratic presidential caucuses via telephone between January 23-26 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points. Second, we asked whether they would favor or oppose each of several specific, current candidates running.



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