Amazon’s cute new Echo Spot is already stealing hearts

To start accessing Alexa’s helpfulness on your mobile device, Amazon says you’ll first need to update the Amazon Music app. Finally Amazon showed off a new product, the Echo Spot, which is a tiny Echo speaker with a 2.5 inch display. This was less expensive than the regular Echo and was also a lot smaller too.

Amazon said the device is 40 percent more powerful than its Fire TV Stick; at $69.99, it’s also Amazon’s “most affordable 4K enabled device ever”, the company said. “This $149 Dollars device is larger than the rest of the Echo speaker family, measuring 9.3″ x 3.3″ x 3.3”. The main improvements are an improved far field microphone for better voice recognition (Although my original Echo already performs better than my Google Home) and redesigned body with your choice of color, fabric, or wood shell. Today, Amazon took a major step forward in this direction as it announced multiple upgrades to the Echo family of devices.

After the success of the earlier Echo devices and the Fire TV stick, it was clear that Amazon was working on their respective successors, but nobody knew Amazon would come up with so many options.

With its past devices including its Kindle e-reader, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said that his company’s goal is not to make money when the devices are sold, but rather when they’re being used.

It is now available for pre-order for $129 Dollars, but will not ship until December 19. The new Echo runs for $99, or three for $250, undercutting other smart speakers such as the Apple HomePod ($349). They cost $19.99 for a two-pack and will ship in time for the holiday buying season.

The Echo Spot feels like it is a hybrid of the Echo Show and the Echo Dot.

For those who want an Echo device with a built-in hub for smart home devices, then the Echo Plus is ideal.

“For that to disappear means a big chunk of the possible video content you could watch on Echo Show is now gone”. In other words, you can make actual phone calls using your Echo and your existing landline phone number.

Amazon's cute new Echo Spot is already stealing hearts


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