Apple Maps, once a laughingstock, now dominates iPhones

Google Maps is still the most used mapping application for smartphones as Apple Maps isn’t available on Android.

Google probably still has the best mapping service in many ways, but in some ways Apple has caught up and sometimes passed Google.

But so long as the scales settle on an equilibrium whereby that resulting “convenience” is met with an experience for users at least as good as the “next leading competitor” (in this case Google Maps), then it’s no longer such a nightmarish situation as Apple-Maps-by-default used to be. Oh, and to fire the iOS 6 Maps executive responsible for the mess.

Apple Maps was such a glitchy, unreliable mess when it launched in 2012 that CEO Tim Cook apologized for the app’s shortcomings.

As VentureBeat website writes, Apple Maps is used in present three times more than Google Maps from iPhone and iPad.

Ever since Apple released its own mapping service, people have given it a hard time over the issues it had at launch. Generally, similar apps require location information of a user to provide them benefits that are area-specific. “Apple has something that few companies have – simplicity in design mixed with high doses of pragmatism and practicality”.

It’s worth pointing out that independent research firm comScore claims that the lead is only a modest one, but that difference could be down to the metric they use (how many people use a service in a given month rather than how often). They just want the basic functions, and for the device to work without causing them a headache.

In this photo taken Friday, Dec. 4, 2015, the Apple Maps app…

However, despite Apple straightening the ugly bends, some users still need a lot of convincing to trust Apple Maps completely. This is part of comScore’s 2015 US Mobile App Report, so we’re talking the bulk of the year we’re almost at the end of now. Apple is gaining a huge competitive advantage here.

Google Maps, of course, has also been improving. Moovit is better than both Google and Apple at factoring in temporary service changes in mass transit, while Citymapper offers suggestions on whether to board the front, middle or back of a train.

Apple Maps Now Used Three Times More Than Google Maps on iPhone


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