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Want to squelch research? Tax grad students...

Dec 12, 2017No Comments

The bill, passed earlier this month by the House of Representatives, would remove a deduction graduate students can use to deduct the value of their tuition in exchange for working or doing research.

Labour could negotiate ‘new single ma...

Nov 08, 2017No Comments

Yesterday, delegates did not back Brexit as a subject to be voted on, prompting some to accuse the Corbyn-backing group Momentum of organising a “fix” by asking its supporters not to include the issue in a list

Can’t contact your family in Puerto R...

Nov 08, 2017No Comments

“Today, Puerto Rico needs our help”. Booher said there were about 5,000 emergency personnel in Puerto Rico, including some staff permanently assigned to the island.

Trump criticises McCain for opposing ObamaC...

Nov 08, 2017No Comments

On Monday, President Trump expressed frustration that Republicans had talked for years about repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act but had failed to deliver now that a Republican was in the White House.

Hatch holds hearings on health bill that no...

Nov 08, 2017No Comments

Even a partial report from the Congressional Budget Office was enough to apparently tip the scales against the latest Republican effort to overhaul the Affordable Care Act and prompted a crucial senator to announce she can not

Women now allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia

Nov 08, 2017No Comments

“The lifting of a ban. will likely serve as a litmus test for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ability to introduce economic and social reforms despite conservative opposition”, said James Dorsey, a fellow at Singapore’s S. Rajaratnam

Rick Scott says Florida is ready to help Pu...

Nov 08, 2017No Comments

And yet, almost every major American English and Spanish-language broadcast, cable network and national newspaper have correspondents on the ground.