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Russia summons British ambassador to foreig...

Mar 22, 2018No Comments

The official military newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda quoted the former head of Russia’s GRU military intelligence, Fyodor Ladygin, as denying his officers had been involved.

Parkland Survivors Present Unified Front in...

Mar 22, 2018No Comments

The morning of the walkout, WHS Assistant Principal Amy Zigler went on the school’s PA system and informed the students about the walk out and what the rules were, as well as the arrangements for students who

Local students join national walkout to in ...

Mar 06, 2018No Comments

Speakers will include students from Webb City High School, Neosho High School and Missouri Southern State University, as well as a representative from Moms Demand Action, a group formed in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School

Jaguar reveals electric SUV

Mar 06, 2018No Comments

The I-Pace is looking to set new standards for the crossover and SUV market, coming in as one of the first fully electric, mainstream production cars of its kind.

Smart opens pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S...

Mar 06, 2018No Comments

Dr. Raymond M. Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies Corporation, has concluded that Samsung’s Galaxy S9 packs the best performing smartphone display they have ever tested. The option of switching to the extra wide aperture of f/1.5 lets

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9

Feb 06, 2018No Comments

Separately, a TechRadar report claimed that the Galaxy S9 will be £100 more expensive than the Galaxy S8, citing a source within the United Kingdom’s smartphone industry. Handsets that approach laptop prices could become the new normal.

Galaxy S9 and S9

Feb 02, 2018No Comments

When it comes to the Galaxy S9, it looks like Samsung has joined the “bigger is better” crowd, and that’s going to leave some buyers frustrated. And this time the same phenomenon is basically repeating.