Avengers: Infinity War trailer brings the battle to Earth

Mar 22, 2018

Some of us have been binging on the MCU for months.

Since “Avengers: Infinity War” was first announced, Captain Marvel has been a crucial part of the formula. Unfortunately for the team, the most formidable villains often believe they’re actually the hero in the story, and Thanos does too. We also saw Loki handing over the Tessract to Thanos and fans speculated whether or not Loki betrayed Thor again. We’ve watched these dozens of characters evolve and change over the course of their own franchises and others.

Joe tacks on to that the little factoid that Groot has grown, and is now “Teen Groot” as we saw in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 post-credit scene.

Apparently it will take these combined superpowers and more to overcome the threat of Thanos (Josh Brolin, who’ll play a different character in Marvel’s forthcoming “Deadpool” sequel). If the movie treats that story right, it should be a pretty incredible moment to watch. The only person in the universe more obnoxiously cocky than he is.

We’ve got every crossover under the moons of Titan coming our way, but one looks to best every other in terms of WTF-ness. Stark lays it out for us.

In a new interview, the Russo Brothers admit that the Guardians of the Galaxy have a “great role” in Infinity War.

Thanos’s first order of business is to collect the Infinity Stones, all-powerful relics left over from the creation of the universe.

It sets the stage perfectly. At one point these objects were just passed from one person to another, but now they’re very personal. And say what you will about the enormous size of this movie, but the brothers have delivered some of the most emotionally resonant stories in the MCU through their exploration of the relationship between Captain America and Bucky Barnes. The rumor mill was abuzz with pre-sale of the ticket going up with the trailer release. It’s probably a good idea to snap some up as soon as you can. Many fans speculated that it would be unveiled in Black Panther via the appearance of the Ancestral Plane – a dimension where the current Wakandan king can visit to reconnect with his departed predecessors – but that wasn’t the case.

Avengers Infinity War final trailer


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