Battlefrog Fiesta Bowl – Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Dec 28, 2015

Craig Calcaterra of was the first to report that Elliott had been in an accident, and he noted that Elliott’s social media activity indicates he has made the trip to Phoenix with the Buckeyes for Friday’s game against Notre Dame. Kizer’s main target is Junior WR Will Fuller who is by far the Fighting Irish’s #1 WR. “They were getting exhausted and we were in pretty good shape”. Ohio State rebounded a week later with a 42-13 trouncing of MI, but Meyer admitted he was apprehensive about the Buckeyes’ focus. Chief among them is Notre Dame left tackle Ronnie Stanley against Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa.

At Stanford in the November 28 finale, Kizer became the first Irish QB ever to twice have a game with more than 200 yards passing (234) and 100 rushing (128). “But when it has come, we’ve done a really good job as an offense executing what we can do”. That was Stanford. Now, to the Irish credit, they held Christian McCaffrey to just 94 yards on 27 carries with no TDs. If Notre Dame loads the box to stop Elliott, expect Barrett to start throwing.

I’m just excited to be part of that tradition and put up some hardware to be part of that. That is the $64,000 question and 500lb pink gorilla in the room. “We kept hitting them in the mouth and they weren’t getting set”.

Prior to the Washington citation, Noon thought Ohio State’s personnel strongly favored the Buckeyes in the matchup. I think it opened a lot of eyes across the country because Notre Dame was a perennial Final Four team and they were very strong that year, had a very veteran team. A scenario where someone like Michigan State went 11-1 but didn’t make the playoffs (picking up a Rose Bowl invite instead) and dropped 2nd place B1G Ohio State to the Fiesta Bowl wouldn’t have been insane at all. “I’m not really thinking of it as an National Football League showcase, I’m just trying to win the game”. And when he doesn’t do it right, he doesn’t do it right on goal because he just has the instincts and knows what has to be done in that situation in order to go make the play. He commands constant attention by opposing offenses and that slight dip in his production hasn’t hurt his NFL Draft stock one bit.

“That’s the biggest motivation, to go out there and give it one last hard swing for the seniors and come out with a win”.

“It was one of the most pivotal game that we’ve played, if not the most, since I’ve been here”, Rueck recently recalled.

Ezekiel Elliott


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