Can’t contact your family in Puerto Rico? Here’s what to do

Nov 8, 2017

“Today, Puerto Rico needs our help”. Booher said there were about 5,000 emergency personnel in Puerto Rico, including some staff permanently assigned to the island.

More than 15 inches (nearly 40 centimeters) of rain fell on the mountains surrounding the Guajataca Dam in northwest Puerto Rico after Maria left the island Wednesday afternoon, swelling the reservoir behind the almost 90-year-old dam.

The death toll from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico is now at least 10. Though the dam has not yet burst, the prospect of it collapsing has forced more than 70,000 inhabitants to flee the area.

People attempting to travel to areas to make phone calls or get help or medicine are having trouble getting around, people familiar with the federal response said, with some bridges and main roads impassable.

It said there are “fundamental” impediments to resuming activity at the sites, including the circumstances of employees, availability of power, ongoing damage to general infrastructure, and the extent to which customers themselves have been affected.

Lopez shared that together with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, they were working to spearhead “additional relief efforts” to “rush the relief that our brothers and sisters in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean desperately need”.

Hurricane Maria is moving over the same waters Irma plowed through just two weeks ago, but on a much different course with a much better outcome as it relates to Florida.

Cuomo flew on a donated JetBlue aircraft that officials said was the first flight to depart for San Juan since the storm.

As a US commonwealth, Puerto Rico has a nonvoting member of the House and no USA senators.

40,000 Puerto Ricans live in Cuyahoga County, and 90 percent of them live in the Clark Fulton neighborhood on Cleveland’s west side, according to the Hispanic Alliance.

But a GOP-drafted package of tax relief for victims of Harvey, which slammed Texas and Louisiana last month, ran into obstacles on Monday as House Democrats announced their opposition to it and other provisions attached to a must-do measure to finance the operations of the air traffic control system. (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times) Francisco Santiago Torres and his wife, Suzette Vega Rozas, say they felt more comfortable being in the shelter than at their home in San Juan, Puerto Rico. And the National Guard Bureau had more than 1,600 service members offering support on both islands. The state is also sending drinking water, ready-to-eat meals, electrical generators and other supplies. She was born in the Bronx, New York to Puerto Rican parents.

New York-based airline JetBlue also promised $1 million in-kind by transporting people and cargo for relief efforts.

President Donald Trump has issued disaster declarations for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

A Puerto Rico Power Authority worker walks between downed power lines in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria


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