Check Out Taylor Swift’s Slithery New Merchandise

Sep 8, 2017

Taylor Swift has also launched the pre-order of her album, a ticketing program, and two collectible magazines to celebrate her comeback.

Swift released “Look What You Made Me Dolate on Thursday, a high-octane pop track in which she takes aim at unnamed subjects who have tried to bring her down, singing “Maybe I got mine, but you’ll all get yours”. In the meantime, follow us down the rabbit hole as we attempt to decode the seven most revealing lyrics off “Look What You Made Me Do”.

Swift released the song at midnight, just more than a day after announcing her upcoming sixth album, Reputation. Half seem to applaud her for this major, sassy clap-back at Kanye. I applaud her for this as well.

I don’t like your little games / Don’t like your tilted stage“, Swift sings at the beginning of her new song, heavily implying she’s talking about West, who recently performed his Saint Pablo Tour on a tilted stage.

The album artwork sees Swift surrounded by newspaper headliners with her name, suggesting she’s going to be tackling some of the headlines she’s been faced with since 2014’s 1989.

Other people are looking to Kanye West-his and Swift’s long-standing feud has been a subject of public chatter for years.

Mic drop. RIP old Taylor.

She says: ‘I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time.

As one Twitter user pointed out, the beat to the song also sounds a lot like Peaches’ “Operate”, which was used in the movie’s Halloween scene.

The team behind Swift’s new album may well hoped that its assertive tone could reinstate the star at the centre of trendsetting pop.

Anyway, do you guys think new Taylor Swift has a ringback tone? However, the “b****” line was never approved, Swift claimed. She drives the point home later in the song: “I don’t trust nobody and nobody trusts me”.

So there you go, internet; although Tay Tay may have revamped herself as a hissing reptile in human form, she’s not shady enough to borrow from a tune without asking first. So, sure, she seems to be out for Kardashian-West blood-but what of Lannister blood?

Check Out Taylor Swift's Slithery New Merchandise


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