‘Deadpool’ is a curious twist on the superhero formula

A brash and brazen mercenary, he’s an anti-hero with a film noir character’s taste for the louche and low-down, as well as a character who, in narrative terms, stands out due to his predilection for breaking the fourth wall. It would be giving those jokes too much credit to say they’re offensive, but while they’re not as noxious as the material Matthew Vaughn aired in the similarly-spirited “Kingsman: The Secret Service”, there is a palpable distaste that lingers through numerous scenes. Thankfully nothing is shoehorned or awkward as two X-Men, Colossus (credited as a CGI guy) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead come out to play in the strangely vacant Xavier’s School for gifted youngsters, something Deadpool hilariously points out off-hand. It’s a relatively straightforward origin story which evolves into an equally straightforward tale of revenge. While at his favorite bar, Wade meets and falls in love with the thin and thinly-drawn Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), who’s just as messed up as he is. Deadpool is a rare movie that not only fights the mainstream system, but delivers EXACTLY as promised – a promise signed in blood, bile, and a little Chimichanga schemer. Just a little. How clever of Deadpool.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story of “Deadpool”, it might actually behoove you to not research much on it, as to make the discovery process of this character you have probably bypassed your entire life even more magical. This quest, and this film, might be Deadpool’s defining adventure-but it’s just another dutiful weekday chore for the X-Men.

The biggest worry I had going into the Deadpool movie is that an outrageous character is often outrageous at the expense of somebody who doesn’t deserve it – if only because the person writing that sort of character is going for lazy comedy. Angel Dust especially gets relegated to a henchman level, even though she’s someone I desperately wanted to learn more about. I’ve worked with some first-time directors that act like they’ve been to this big show before and they haven’t and it can be really frustrating.

Colossus makes a memorable entrance as he arrives with NTW on a carnage-strewn bridge to keep an eye on Deadpool, who doesn’t realize his is the side adventure of a fringe character.

Given the surprising amount of nudity, raw sex jokes and nonstop underlined and boldfaced racy dialogue, it’s amusing to picture the countless pubescent boys who will be plotting how to get into this extremely R-rated romp; they no doubt have their ways. Granted, some might find this humor on par with middle-school restroom banter, but this is the essence of Deadpool – everything superheroes aren’t meant to be. There’s a reason fans dress up as him at every Comic Con related event year in and year out. For better or worse, this is the best Deadpool movie anyone could have asked for. It’s an experience you just don’t get at the movies and it’s what help makes “Deadpool” unique. Yeah. Do I wish the movie had pushed its ideas harder, so that it might have escaped the heavy gravitational pull of the superhero origin story? When you go into a film like this, one that’s being made for the fans, that’s all you want.

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This is a different kind of superhero


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