Estes wins congressional seat in hard-fought election

Apr 14, 2017

Ted Cruz who came to Wichita to campaign for Estes the day before a special election at Yingling Aviation, Monday, April 10, 201.

Republicans have represented the district since Todd Tiahrt unseated veteran Democratic Rep. Dan Glickman in 1994.

Davis said he has concerns about some of the policies proposed by President Donald Trump. Kansas’ 4th District is not a microcosm of agitated America, nor is it the siren of Trump backlash coming in from the Midwest.

A Democrat last won the fourth district in 1992.

If Democrats won, it would have been a boost for the party ahead of more special elections in Montana and Georgia – as well as a recruitment tool in more competitive districts for next year’s mid-term Congressional elections.

If Ossoff wins, or even if he forces the race into a runoff, that could manifest an even bigger drag on Trump’s historically low popularity: House Republicans become more resistant to working with their president, which in turn makes Trump’s job trying to pass big legislation with his party that much more hard.

Democrats in Washington said they did enough to help Thompson and any more help would have been unwise, according to McClatchy’s report.

Thompson has tapped into voter frustration with Brownback throughout the campaign, tying the state treasurer to the unpopular Republican governor.

While Estes took 53 percent of the vote compared to Thompson’s 46, the jubilant reactions on the left could easily lead one to believe that the Democratic candidate pulled off a major upset.

Estes is the state treasurer. “People are prepared, they’re fired up they’re ready to go they’re ready to organize and to turn out and vote like we’ve never voted before”.

Republicans held on to a USA congressional seat yesterday, although by a smaller margin than expected, in their first electoral test since Donald Trump won the presidency.

In Kansas, Republicans were able to keep the seat vacated by Central Intelligence Agency director Mike Pompeo – but the race was much tighter than expected in what many regarded as the first referendum on the Trump administration.

The outside money is really pouring into Georgia, where a special election is set for Tuesday in the Atlanta suburbs.

“I would not say this is any kind of referendum on Donald Trump”, Kansas Republican Party chairman Kelly Arnold said pre-election. Trump himself carried the district by a 27-point margin.

Felts applauded rural voters for going to the polls in the special election.

Libertarian Chris Rockhold garnered 2 percent of the vote.

Now, the narrow win for Estes has some Republicans concerned.

That support proved invaluable: Just days before the election, his campaign spokesman said they received financial support from more than 8,500 people. Again, this is a traditionally Republican district, and the fact we’re even talking about its competitiveness is extraordinary.

Trump tweeted about the race Tuesday morning, urging voters to get out and support Estes over his Democratic challenger.

Dominating the outside spending in these races are the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super political action committee linked to House GOP leaders, and the National Republican Congressional Committee, a national party committee.

“I’m glad to welcome Ron Estes to the 115th Congress and I look forward to working with him to solve the challenges facing our country”, House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement released Tuesday evening. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), was supported nearly entirely by individual small-dollar donors, while Estes had to lean on 11th-hour support from Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and a massive ad buy from the National Republican Congressional Committee to survive the race.

It was a victory for Estes and for other Republicans in the state. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence recorded get-out-the-vote calls on his behalf and Sen.

Republicans retain House seat vacated by Mike Pompeo in Kansas’ 4th District with Ron Estes’ win


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