European Union tells UK: Time to make Brexit choice

Feb 6, 2018

And in recent days, there have been the strongest hints yet that the Labour leadership might be about come into line with their members’ views on the customs union. The FUW has in the past demanded Welsh access to the customs union, calling it “critical” for rural Wales. Or opt for somewhere in between? The International Trade Secretary said last week that it was “very hard to see how being in a customs union is compatible with having an independent trade policy”. In this vision, Britain not only seeks to lower the few remaining trade barriers for manufactured goods but also dramatically throws open its doors to all-comers in agriculture and commodities too. Goods made outside the union are allowed to circulate freely once they’ve gained initial entry.

Theresa May rules out staying int he customs union.

“It’s deeply unattractive that the only reason they want to leave #CustomsUnion is to chase unicorn trade deals”, she tweeted. Not knowing how Brexit will impact businesses could prove detrimental for the markets, especially as other regions like the USA are performing stronger than ever.

They would step in if Mrs May goes soft on Brexit and tries to keep Britain in a customs union with the EU.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd told Brexiteers the top level of Government is “more united than they think” on Britain’s departure from the European Union, ahead of negotiations on the UK’s future relationship with the bloc.

The divisions come ahead of two crunch meetings of the Cabinet’s Brexit sub-committee this week, at which warring ministers will attempt to thrash out a common position on the UK’s future relationship with single market and customs union.

Mr Barnier, who will have talks with Mrs May and Brexit Secretary David Davis, said there was “much work” to be done to achieve a deal and it was time to “accelerate” diplomatic efforts.

What Downing Street has not said is what prime Minister proposes instead of ” or “a” customs union.

In particular, ministers are split over proposals from some United Kingdom officials to soften the pain of departure by seeking an extensive new customs union with the EU.

Britain has just 13 months to negotiate its future trade relationship with the European Union, but May’s Conservative Party and even her own cabinet are deeply divided over how to proceed.

Senior Tory MP Bernard Jenkin also warned May against her ministers appearing “vague or divided”.

Even if top British politicians can settle on a preferred option, there’s no guarantee it will be accepted by the EU.

But they have already disagreed about whether European Union nationals moving to Britain after Brexit day but during the transition should have the same rights as those who moved before.

Supported by the EU, Ireland wants the broadest possible interpretation of May’s rule alignment pledge to cover as many sectors and goods as possible. They will continue until November 2018, and then London and the community will have to ratify the agreement reached.

Britain's Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis welcomes the European Union's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier to Downing Street in London


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