Facebook users will get new ‘Reactions’ button in coming weeks

Currently, there are five buttons that are being tested in several countries.

However, the National Trading Standards eCrime Team have stated that any app, profile or website offering one is a scam.

To offer more services to its 1.59 billion users, the biggest social media platform in the world is now adding a new feature that will allow its users to express themselves and give them more freedom in showing their reactions. Users will also end up spreading the scam to family and friends, and any groups they are in. However, the tech company made a decision to remove it because many users were unable to comprehend the true meaning of the said emoji. By making sure that ads blend in with what people would like to see in their feeds anyway, Facebook was able to boost the percentage of marketing messages in the latest quarter. Well, it is awkward to hit the like button in such situations, and it is why Facebook was working on a button that could play this role, just, in the same way, the Like button works. Obviously there are more than five reactions however, keeping them limited will help Facebook analysts to monitor and track the overall reception. In a statement Cox said, “Within the company, there were some debate on how to add the options without making every post look crowded with things to click”.

According to a Bloomberg report, Facebook is set to introduce a new “Reactions” button for its users; thereby offering an alternative to the iconic “Like” button used by Facebook users to respond to others’ posts. The forthcoming “Reactions” button essentially underscores Facebook’s response to users” demand for a “Dislike’ button.

Earlier, a session held at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, the 31-year-old said the button would be a way for people to express empathy.

Facebook Drops Idea Of Introducing 'Dislike' Button To Network


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