Florida lawmakers shoot down ban on AR-15’s

Mar 23, 2018

“Maybe we can’t stop everything”, said Sen. Unlike the Senate bills, the Assembly bills call for the banning of bump stocks, banning people deemed unsafe to others from owning firearms and banning the purchase of firearms by those with prior domestic violence convictions. “I am not that naive”.

“What do we do know?”

A lawyer for Anthony Borges and his family says the sheriff’s office, the school resource officer, the Broward County school system and the principal at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School failed to protect students from a teen-aged gunman who killed 17 people and wounded more than a dozen others on Valentine’s Day.

Sen. Lauren Book, D-Plantation, was among the senators who voted yes. School districts across the state will be receiving an additional $69 million as they strive to better address students’ mental health issues.

“I think it brings awareness to our students around here the importance of taking care of one another, having empathy for one another and building a strong school culture that values each individual person”, he said.

“I couldn’t be more proud”, she said.

The Legislature wraps up its annual session on Friday.

“This isn’t a matter of pulling out a gun and shooting someone”, he told Rantz.

The Republican-controlled Senate rejected Democratic proposals to ban assault rifles and large-capacity magazines, along with a proposal to strip language from the bill to create a program to arm teachers. “But, the Governor will review the final bill before he makes a decision”, she said.

Representative Steny Hoyer, the second-ranking House Democrat, said the House floor should be opened to a wide-ranging debate on gun measures.

“Still want to have due process, but we want to make sure it is not tied up for months and months and months, and someone that could potentially be unsafe is allowed to have a gun without us being able to expedite that process”, she concluded.

Semi-automatic AR-15’s on sale at a U.S. store. It includes $400 million for school security and mental health programs. Many also oppose arming teachers. The shooter, Nikolas Jacob Cruz, used an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle to carry out the massacre – a gun that would have been included in the failed assault weapons ban. He killed 17 students and teachers.

While many Parkland parents disagree with the concept of introducing more weapons into schools, some worry the other changes, which they do support, will not move forward without the marshal program.

He clarified that the students’ current goal may be achievable down the line, but it isn’t right now, although school safety is.

The proposal before the senate on Monday would create a path for law enforcement officers to temporarily hold the weapons of somebody they believe to be a direct danger to themselves or others.

Pollack gained notice in the days after the shooting by attending what was billed as a listening session at the White House with President Donald Trump.

Florida Senate rejects assault weapons ban, holds moment of silence for shooting victims


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