Ford, Google reportedly planning a joint venture to build self-driving cars

Google is relied upon to make its self-driving autos unit, which will offer rides for contract, a stand-alone business under its guardian organization, Alphabet Inc, one year from now, Bloomberg reported prior.

Google is now testing dozens of pod-shaped self-driving cars on public streets in its hometown of Mountain View, California as well as in Austin.

Google has been at the forefront of autonomous technology for years now, perfecting its software to run self-driving vehicles safely.

This would no doubt be a smart move by Google as it would save the company millions, if not billions, trying to manufacture their own cars.

The joint-venture would be legally separate from Ford to protect it from liability issues, Yahoo says.

Google needs the expertise in engineering and building cars that only conventional automakers have, such as Ford. “Then in September, Google hired John Krafcik as CEO of the company’s self-driving auto project”.

While it hasn’t confirmed the news, Google seems primed to enter an agreement like this. Now it seems that that will be made possible through its partnership with Google, which will be able to substantially augment Ford’s own R&D.

Ford is scheduled to announce the deal at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, they write. Another connection between the two parties comes in the form of the former Ford CEO Alan Mulally being on Google’s board of directors. The automaker also declined to provide comments on ‘speculation’. But the company would rather keep the partnerships secret for ‘obvious competitive reasons, ‘ a Ford spokesperson recently said.

It will need a partner to do that and it seems in pole position is Ford as the two companies are now discussing a possible partnership.

Reuters could not independently reach Ford Motor and Google for comment outside regular United States business hours.

Ford Planning to Tie-up with Google for Making Self Driving Cars


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