Former Trump campaign aide wavers on defying Mueller inquiry

Mar 23, 2018

In a weird series of TV interviews Monday, including one in which CNN’s Erin Burnett she could smell alcohol on his breath, Sam Nunberg said he would defy a subpoena and refuse to appear before a grand jury.

“I’m going to end up cooperating with them”, he said.

Nunberg adds he was angry about being asked to share his email conversations with a long list of ex-campaign aides, he doesn’t think the subpoena is fair, and he’d like Mueller’s team to narrow its scope of inquiry.

A former campaign aide to Donald Trump appears to have changed his mind and will not fight a subpoena he says he has received in the Russian Federation investigation – after daring special counsel Robert Mueller to arrest him in multiple media appearances.

The former Donald Trump campaign aide went dark Tuesday after giving more than a dozen interviews on Monday in what can only be described as an extraordinary media meltdown.

Nunberg also told Politico that if Trump had colluded with Russian Federation, it would be known by now because the president “can’t keep his f-ing mouth shut”.

Mr Nunberg backed up his view in another interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper where he asserted Mr Mueller has “something” on Trump.

Nunberg spoke with Wiley live on air during his Monday appearance on Ari Melbar’s MSNBC show.

“You know [Trump] knew about it”, Nunberg said during one of three interviews on CNN. “I can honestly say that candidate Trump, Donald Trump, President Trump and I have never discussed the WikiLeaks disclosures before, during or after the election”, he said.

If nothing else, the head-spinning developments spanning less than 24 hours only appeared to underscore part of the challenge confronting Mueller’s investigators as they measure the credibility of a constellation of characters who occupied Trump’s orbit during critical junctures of his chaotic campaign.

It starts to look like President’s Trump’s idea of assembling a great team of “the best people” was, specifically, “the best people at going on cable news in moments of crisis, sticking their feet in their mouths, choking on those feet, suggesting that the feet definitely did something with the Russians during the campaign, and making everyone even more alarmed than they were previously”.

“You know what if Sarah Huckabee wants to start debasing me she’s a joke, okay fine she’s not attractive she’s a fat slob”, he said. Among them: former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, former strategist Stephen Bannon, former White House communications director Hope Hicks, Stone, Page and President Trump.

“I got carried away”, he said. Rather than daring the special prosecutor to throw him in jail and repeatedly asserting that he is “not cooperating”, Nunberg sounded chastened and said he was diligently working to aggregate the emails the subpoena demanded. “I’m trying to just get this over with”.

Interviewers reminded Nunberg that he could be facing serious legal jeopardy.

“I can’t imagine this guy on a witness stand because he has said so many different things”, Udolf said. That’s what happened to former Bill Clinton business partner Susan McDougal, who sat in jail for 18 months after refusing to testify before a Whitewater grand jury. In congressional testimony previous year, Prince, founder of security firm Blackwater, denied representing the Trump campaign in that meeting.

The special counsel has demanded all of Mr Nunberg’s records and communications with people on the campaign, which he said would take too much time to assemble. “It’s not surprising that the special counsel may want to see emails and memos that I wrote to the campaign and about politics”.

Former Trump campaign aide wavers on defying Mueller inquiry


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