Google Clips Showcases an Entirely New Type of Camera

Last year Google unveiled its AI-powered camera called Clips, and since then there’s been much speculation about the role it would play. Now that it has finally been released it is clear that Clips is an entirely new type of camera, and not exactly what many expected.


As a smart camera and the first of its kind, Google’s Clips uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to record candid clips. Its AI uses algorithms to detect faces and pets, and allows it to record footage of them automatically.


Technically Clips doesn’t actually record video, but rather a series of stills that are then compiled into a short 7-second ‘clip’ that has a 15 fps frame rate. At any point users can view the collection of 7-second clips that have been recorded via its app, and will be able to save the clips that they like or extract stills from them.


Over time, the AI and ML will study the type of clips that users are saving as well as the ones they are discarding, and improve on itself. In other words it will start to focus on recording the type of clips that users prefer, and should gradually record better clips.


For users who don’t trust Google Clips to automatically capture moments, it is possible to manually record a clip using the button on the device itself or within its app. It is said that the manual button was not planned as part of Clips originally, but was included after feedback.


The Clips device itself is a small square measuring about 2 inches by 2 inches. On its front is the 12 MP camera sensor with a 130-degree wide lens, the physical button to manually record a clip, and three LED status lights. The back is bare, save for the Google logo, and one of the sides has the USB-C charging port.


Aside from the fact that it records short ‘clips’, Google Clips owes its name to the silicone case that is included. The case has a metal clip on its back that doubles as a stand, making it easy to either clip on the camera somewhere or let it stand on any surface.


In short Google Clips is by no means a conventional action camera or even a constantly-recording security camera. Instead it is an entirely new type of device that functions as a way to catch and record completely unplanned candid clips that would otherwise go uncaptured.

While the clips that Google Clips record are unique, if you want to improve on them you will still need to use an editor and Movavi Video Editor could be a big help on that front. Not only will it help you improve any videos that you export from Clips, but you could also use it as a time lapse maker with the stills that you extract.


The features in Movavi Video Editor will let you enhance video quality, cut and join segments, apply filters and special effects, add text elements, include audio tracks, and adjust your video in other ways. Basically you’ll be able to create any kind of impressive videos that you see fit.


Not only will Movavi Video Editor allow you to do more with the clips that you record, but it is also easy and intuitive to use. All it will take is a few minutes for you to become familiar with its features, and start applying them to your clips.



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