Google Lens coming to Android devices with Google Photos

Google will announce other new features and confirm the final name for Android P over the course of the beta period. Fortunately for those anxious to take the next major Android version for a spin as soon as possible, Google surprised us all and made this piece of code available yesterday. For example, apps running in the background of Android P will not be allowed to access the phone’s microphone or camera.

We already came across reports of Google adding support for display cutouts (or notch, as many would like to call) a couple of weeks ago. With more and more Android devices launching with an iPhone X-like notch, Google seems to have given in on the trend. Of course, Google doesn’t want to give away what P will stand for, so it has placed a “trippy” P image that changes color every time you look at it. It can even enable a “fused camera stream” that auto-switches between two or more cameras. Developers can use it to make sure their apps are notch-compliant. However, the monthly security updates will be regular on the devices.

Android P introduces great new features and capabilities for users and developers.

Later the same month, we should see Developer Preview 4, which should be an early release candidate. The new look for notifications also includes a refreshed appearance for messaging apps.

New technology, Wi-Fi Round Trip Time will make it easier for mapping apps to log your position indoors by pinging nearby routers.

That last one is where most of the everyday, customer-facing improvements lie: there’s a revamped visual interface and a new MessagingStyle tool that highlights who is messaging and how you can reply.

For instance, photos and stickers attached to messages can appear in the notification bar.

Open the extracted Android P Developer Preview folder and execute the flash-all.bat file. Google has made the first preview exclusively available by manual download and flash, to warn that the preview is exclusively for developers, and not intended for consumer use.

That said, it’s likely that die-hard Android enthusiasts will find ways to port Android P to the Nexus 5X and Nexus P later down the road.

Visual search engine Lens comes to all Google Photos users


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