Google Photos’ Self-Tagging Feature Is Live

Google Assistant, which was previously only available on Android phones, comes to iPhone as a stand-alone application – and the voice-activated app is available to download now. In the main feed also, Google Photos will keep your private photos safe and hidden from those friends.

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Even though we have seen this feature on some video players like the Gplayer and a few smartphones like the LG L90, Android O is bringing this to all devices. While clicking on the new icon on the top right corner we can file multiple pictures at the same time. Once archived, photos will be removed from main photo library.

Either way, it’s exciting to see Google photos continue to expand and a hit at the incoming automatic image sharing. Later, when you want to revisit those photos, you can find them on the left side menu under a separate folder. Further, the data shows that the number of publishers who made their first million over the a year ago on the U.S. App Store has almost doubled over 2015.

Google hasn’t been shy about making its Google Assistant available on as many devices as possible, and now the feature is coming to more Android TV devices later this year. However, it is not easy to use Google’s Assistant on the iPhone as the app has to be opened before it can be accessed. “The cloud-based image platform now has a self-tagging feature where users can tag themselves in others” public photos.

Instagram recently added Archive feature.

Tablet users can create jams, as well as collaborate on them. People can make them public anytime depending upon their wish.

App developers will not be obliged to make their content available via the watch next channel, and the extent to which they allow their content to be mixed with that from other apps will probably depend on Google’s success in achieving mass penetration of the platform. If you want to be eligible for the new survey, you will be needed to initially sign up and provide basic information about yourself. The impressive example Google used showed a photo taken from behind a chain link fence of a boy playing baseball.

Google Photos' Self-Tagging Feature Is Live


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