MLB All-Star Game: Veterans steal All-Star ...

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As he’s done much of the first half, Judge deflected most questions about his achievements. Find out how to watch the Home Run Derby live streaming online free tonight if you can’t park yourself in front of

Spicer won’t say whether Trump has co...

Jun 08, 2017No Comments

A senior administration official said that at one point, Sessions expressed he would be willing to resign if Trump no longer wanted him there.

Ransomware cyber-attack a wake-up call

May 20, 2017No Comments

It was a security flaw that was originally exploited by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), which was then leaked earlier this year.

Microsoft warns: Ransomware cyber-attack a ...

May 20, 2017No Comments

Security wonks are calling it the biggest cyberattack ever. The Russian Interior Ministry has reported about 1,000 computers as infected, according to the Guardian. Upon taking over, it applies encryption on those files and asks for money

Legislative cuts force closures at Planned ...

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Four Iowa Planned Parenthood locations are preparing to close their doors. The state opted, instead, to allocate $3.3 million to “recreate its own family planning network so that it can prohibit the funding of clinics that provide

Wonder Woman on Feminism: It’s Not Ab...

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Ensuring everyone was in tip-top shape for Wonder Woman meant Patty Jenkins established an Amazonian boot camp during the midst of production, and here, the writer-director reflects on the chemistry that ensued while chatting to Empire. No

Ovechkin played through hamstring, knee inj...

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He was snakebitten. He was hurt.