Carrizo Plain National Monument remains und...

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Zinke recommended Thursday that all the monuments remain but said some of them could be altered.

Steve Jobs Theatre tipped to host new iPhon...

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The Sept. 12 event will also unveil a new Apple Watch, a new and more powerful Apple TV box, and the company is expected to offer more details about its HomePod speakers.

The faithful across Kerala celebrate Eid al...

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CelebrationThe traditional way to celebrate Eid al-Adha is to sacrifice a goat or sheep to the God.

NFL Power Rankings: Pre-Week 1 Edition

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On Tuesday Kansas City didn’t have any new injuries to report. Listen they gave up so many Points this Preseason. In the breakdown of wild-card teams, four people think the Chiefs will be the top wild-card team

Celebrities Show Support for Taylor Swift A...

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Swift countersued, claiming he sexually assaulted her.

Trump accused of ‘utter contempt̵...

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Under pressure from other G7 states – the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan – Mr Trump put his name to commitments to avoid trade protectionism and preserve a rules-based trade system.

Summer reading program registration to begi...

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Registration for our program starts on June 12th and signups can occur through July 7th.