HTC’s Vive headset will be compatible with Apple’s new OS

Let’s take a look at all the improvements and new features that will be gracing the macOS high Sierra. Furthermore, High Sierra is set to be available as a free update this fall, for everyone who has Sierra on their devices.

Described as “the heart and soul of Apple” by Tim Cook himself, of course macOS is getting a brand-new update at “the best and biggest WWDC ever”. On top of that, the HTC Vive will also be adding support for macOS, giving Apple fans their first taste of desktop VR.

You’ll need an Apple ID, and provide your basic personal information. As far as video is concerned, we now get H.265/HEVC integrated in macOS High Sierra and the default suite of apps.

“We have worked closely with Epic and Unity to make Mac extensions of content built on those engine technologies as simple as possible”. If you are running macOS Sierra, your computer will support High Sierra.

Developers can now put MacOS as one of the platforms with VR capability thanks to a new external GPU. It includes a new file system, as well as big updates to numerous most popular Mac OS apps.

So, why is Apple WWDC 2017 such an important tech event for many people?

A number of new significant features are coming from the latest iOS11 update.

Safari – Faster and more secure.

Intelligent Tracking Prevention – Stops advertisers from tracking you.

Moreover, the Photo app comes with better editing tools, with prominent sidebar, listing an array of effects to live photos. This includes Levels, Curves, Definition, Sharpness, Noise, Selective Color adjustment, and more.

The app supports external editors, so Photoshop, Pixelmator and other apps can launch directly within Photos.

Third Party Printing Services allow you to print wall art and books. Additionally, the mail app is more efficient using 35 percent less disk space when storing mail.

With a refined API and improved performance, Metal 2 helps developers accelerate their apps. Except, instead of unveiling an all-new version with its own name, Apple announced it simply chose to refine and flawless Sierra.

Not all features in MacOS High Sierra will work on older hardware.

A man uses HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset at the mk2 VR a place dedicated to virtual reality in Paris


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