Labour could negotiate ‘new single market relationship’ after Brexit

Nov 8, 2017

Yesterday, delegates did not back Brexit as a subject to be voted on, prompting some to accuse the Corbyn-backing group Momentum of organising a “fix” by asking its supporters not to include the issue in a list of “priority” motions.

The letter, which was also signed by the TSSA union’s general secretary, Manuel Cortes, former Northern Ireland secretary Lord Hain and Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson, said Labour needed to present an alternative to the Tories’ “destructive Brexit”. In the year since, he’s been an outspoken champion for a multicultural, outward-looking U.K. “London has a unique selling point: We’re the cultural capital of the U.K., we’re the political capital, we’re the financial capital, so if you come here, it’s all in one place”, he says.

The Labour Party Conference is now underway in Brighton, with up to 13,000 delegates estimated to have descended on the city.

Mr McDonnell insisted there would be “plenty” of debate on the party’s stance on European Union withdrawal.

The other clause likely to cause considerable alarm, particularly among Labour’s Jewish community, would specifically allow party members to criticize “Zionism”.

While the Conservative Party never votes on policies at its annual conference, Labour traditionally does.

Progress in negotiations between British and European Union negotiators “would be a lot further down the road than we are now” if Labour’s Brexit spokesperson, Sir Keir Starmer was representing Britain, she added, and described Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to put Brexit in the hands of Johnson, Fox and Davis as a “disaster for the country”. The NEC makes decisions on the rules and direction of the Labour Party, and can send motions to Labour Party conference.

Leader Jeremy Corbyn can talk about his “10 Pledges” all he likes, but unless he can convince the people of Britain that he is capable of forming a sensible Opposition and a credible alternative to Theresa May’s precarious grip on power, it’s all empty rhetoric. They decide what we will debate, not the leadership.

“Brexit and immigration are hard issues and it’s understandable that people are nervous about a public debate”. Either way, we can be sure that the debates will be lively.

Labour’s old-school socialist policies – nationalizing railways, scrapping university fees, giving all children free school lunches – appealed to many voters tired after seven years of spending cuts by the Conservative government.

“We are not being honest about the cost of Brexit”, lawmaker Seema Malhotra told a meeting at the conference.

The Labour Party conference has started amid a hail of headlines and controversy.

Labour MPs and some trade union leaders have insisted that Labour should promise to end freedom of movement for EU nationals.

Corbyn denied being “bounced” into giving Mr Khan a slot by Labor’s conference arrangements committee.

However, Mr Corbyn said a single market deal could hamper the government’s ability to protect jobs and investment.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn arrives on stage in Brighton during his party’s annual conference


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