Lil Wayne I’m Retiring Because of Birdman … But Things Can Change

Sep 14, 2016

Lil Wayne opened up about rumors of his retirement, while appearing on Skip Bayless’ FOX Sports show, Undisputed.

“This was a tweet off of an argument over what’s going on”, said Weezy about his recent retirement tweet without offering specifics.

When prompted about his standing with Birdman, Wayne said, “This is business”.

“I’m working, now working on it as we speak”. We’re the only zodiac sign without a heart or soul, only sign that’s just a symbol. “It’s just a symbol”. He was in a dispute with former collaborator Birdman over $51 million worth of royalties, and his tweet was in reference to that.

“This is business. Once business is involved – I’ve got a family, I’ve got kids, I have a mother, I’ve got bills to pay – this is business, and once the business is right, everything is right”, Wayne explained. “I did feel that way, I didn’t take the tweet down because I still feel that way, and until something is done about it, then maybe I’ll change”.

On Colin Kaepernick not standing for national anthem: “I’m not into it enough to even give an opinion”.

“My politics, my flag, my nation…that’s all that matters to be”, he said of his four children. These 33 years have been nothing but a blessing. I have never-never’s a strong word. But while fans of the artist may be glad that he’s not quitting hip-hop, his comments about race and racism are making some people scratch their heads. I thought that was a flawless example. I still believe it’s over.

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