NFL to investigate Peyton Manning’s alleged link to HGH

Jan 2, 2016

After all, Davies’ report on Manning’s connection to an anti-aging clinic was the centerpiece of a documentary about doping in sports, and Ashley Manning is…the wife…of…a quarterback?

Al Jazeera has backpedalled on allegations made against quarterback Peyton Manning’s usage of growth hormone.

Al Jazeera reporter Deborah Davies attempted to clarify the report in a follow up on NBC’s “Today” show saying, saying that the documentary had not stated that Manning had used the banned substance.

Al Jazeera is now standing behind their report.

Brady-who’s faced scandal head-on after the infamous Deflategate outrage that took over much of 2015-also couldn’t help but acknowledge his admiration for Manning, promising he will get through the hard time. I think it is obvious that Mr. Sly has fabricated this whole thing for reasons I can not fathom.” Guyer said Sly had no patient responsibilities and has had no affiliation with the clinic since his unpaid internship from February-May 2013. The report portrays Sly as an expert in performance enhancing drugs who knew what to give players so they wouldn’t be caught doping. Manning fired back quickly and aggressively, calling the report “complete garbage” and discussing the possibility of suing Al Jazeera for defamation. That makes me sick. The report claimed that Manning used HGH during his recovery from injury, and has since been under great scrutiny.

Charlie Sly, the pharmacist whom the network secretly recorded making the explosive allegations about Manning and others, has recanted his own words. “I never saw any files”. Charlie Sly, the “source”, apparently worked there in 2011 when Manning was being treated. “This is just incredible that it reached this point”.

Davies said that Al Jazeera isn’t “changing anything” and that her investigative team stands by “everything in the program”.

Despite the dubious nature of the claims made in the documentary, Al-Jazeera English aired the documentary Saturday evening and released on YouTube where as of 6:30 MST Sunday Night.

Once the facts of the stories are set, then the National Football League will have to decide how to proceed with Manning while they try to persuade an appeals court that Brady’s four-game suspension should be upheld. Manning did say he went to the institute in 2011 to use a hyperbaric chamber recommended by doctors, ESPN said. The performance enhancing drug was banned by the NFL in 2011 when the NFL and the NFL Players Association signed a 10-year Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Al Jazeera Reporter Deborah Davies Defends Sports Doping Expose That Names Peyton Manning


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