Orange Is the New Black: Where We Left Off and What’s Next

Jul 25, 2017

“It’s a choice that does elevate this season and give it new focus and later episodes the series delves far more into horror tropes than you might expect, in legitimately horrifying ways”.

Watch the clip above ahead of Orange Is the New Black’s season 5 premiere on Friday, June 9th.

“There’s a riot, the prison has gone rogue”, Laverne Cox, who portrays Sophia Burset, teased to ET in April.

The fourth season of Orange Is The New Black ramped up the tension between inmates and guards at Litchfield till it came to a boiling point. It’s every different level of hilarity and tragedy and fear and mourning. When one inmate objects, another says, “Don’t be stupid”. “I love that [Taystee] is going balls to the wall this season and I think it’s a really, really, lovely season”.

They are women, they are men, they are lesbian, they are gay, they are transgender, they are black, they are Dominican, they are happy, they are furious – the show is a whirlwind of effortless inclusion that still generates fresh, fascinating stories all these years later. “You don’t want to know”, the others always cryptically warn her. And neither do the writers. “We’re angry.” That anger headlines most of season 5, particularly as Taystee struggles to deal with the fact that no one else seems to care about bringing justice to Poussey’s murder. If anyone does decide to burn straight through them all, they’ll be easily done the entire season before the end of tomorrow and then will be left clamoring for more. Still furious with Caputo for essentially clearing Bayley’s name and not mentioning Poussey during the press conference, Taystee punches him – hard – square in the face. That’s right everyone, we’re nearly there! Everyone is represented, including Googly Eyes, a stand in for Crazy Eyes, played by Uzo Aduba. Brook (Kimiko Glenn) becomes obsessed with protecting the library’s books. While comic relief may have been a welcomed guest in previous seasons, here the dark subject matter makes the show’s usual silliness feel out of place.

Still in shock at what he did, viewers last saw Bailey in tears, bundled up in a hoodie while solemnly walking through the prison.

More contestants try to guess that song and I still don’t get it. I have to tell them I’m sorry.

Queen of the South (USA, 10:00 p.m.) – Season two begins with Camila fighting tooth and nail to rebuild her empire, Teresa brokering a deal with an odd smuggler, and Epifanio taking on a new partner he might not be able to control. “It was an accident”. Things got very weird, very fast though and by the end of the episode they were involved in the most freakish sex scene the show has ever given us, and that’s saying something.

Perhaps that is where the strongest, most appealing aspect of season five lives, in the performances of its huge cast.

The official trailer of “Orange Is The New Black” Season 5 shows that the inmates will take over the prison.

The inmate was accidentally crushed to death during a fight between prisoners and guards, which sparked even more heightened emotions.

The killer of an unnamed “guard” remains a mystery.

Red breaks into what appears to be Piscatella’s office, where she finds a binder full of embarrassing photos. There are a host of big characters (some of which have been here since season 1) whose flashbacks we haven’t seen yet or whose crimes haven’t been fully explained.

Alex surveys the spot where she buried her attacker.

Orange is the New Black parody on Sesame Street


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