Philipp Plein’s label gets into the ring with boxer Floyd Mayweather

Sep 8, 2017

McGregor, who will make his professional boxing debut on August 26, disregarded the scores of pundits who have lambasted his technique and acumen.

During Wednesday’s press conference, WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman unveiled “The Money Belt” which will go to the Mayweather-McGregor victor. “I’m still looking to compete all over the place”.

“I’m gonna outbox this man at his own game”. I’m coming in representing myself and the promotion that is the UFC that are backing me and co-promoters with me in this event. The two paired for his UFC fight with Dustin Poirier and eventually struck a business deal. The bout is expected to break all standing records in terms of revenue in combat sports.

During an interview with ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, Mayweather revealed that Brady is a very close friend and that the two were texting back and forth this week as Mayweather prepares for his big fight against Conor McGregor.

When asked about Mayweather’s accusation in Las Vegas, McGregor dismissed it fervently. After my son knocks him out on Saturday I’ll be next.

He later went on to say that he could take down Floyd within a single round. “Trust me on that”.

“That’s condition he has got which he’s going to need with Floyd Mayweather“.

Approximately 1,000 media members have received accreditation for the Mayweather v McGregor event and many will set up shop at a purpose-built press tent near the T-Mobile Arena. “I enjoy it., I don’t stop thinking about fighting, so, most certainly, when this one is done, I’ll have about twenty seconds where I’ll relish in victory, but then I’ll be like ‘who’s next?’, that’s just the way I’ve always been”. I don’t care about that. I’m fit, sharp and I’m gonna be ruthless in there.

Mayweather, on the other hand, has been mostly reserved throughout and his mellow demeanor continued on during Wednesday’s final pre-fight press conference inside the KA Theatre in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. White is confident that this is the biggest fight of all-time and that a win for McGregor would make him the biggest star in the sports world.

Mayweather called McGregor “A hell of a fighter”.

“It’s just work. It’s the same thing every time”. And while McGregor is intent on shocking the world once again, he admits that he believes that Mayweather was lured by greed to come out of retirement and accept the fight. I struggle to believe Mayweather has ever doubted his fists in his life but I can bet that quote just sold him an terrible lot more pay-per-views.

Final Mayweather-McGregor press conference more subdued than fans might expect


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