Russian Official Claims Chemical Attack In Syria Was ‘Staged’

Apr 24, 2018

The United States, Britain and France carried out a wave of punitive strikes against Bashar al-Assad´s Syrian regime on Saturday in response to alleged chemical weapons attacks that President Donald Trump branded the “crimes of a monster”. After months of criticism that Trump was being soft on Putin, the USA president pulled no punches with a Tweet on Sunday: “President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad”.

It came within a year of the botched Bay of Pigs, when USA -backed Cuban exiles failed to overthrow the Communist Castro regime.

The prospect of launching missiles at Syria – missiles that Russian Federation has pledged to shoot down – is a very serious thing to decide.

Putin assured that Russian Federation “will continue to consistently be committed to strengthening global and regional security and stability and fully comply with its worldwide obligation, build constructive cooperation with partners based on respect relying on worldwide legal norms and the U.N. Charter”.

In recent documentaries, Putin has shared candid memories of his youth in a working-class neighborhood of St. Petersburg – then known as Leningrad. “They want out of there”, said Farkas, now a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council. “You shouldn’t try to corner anyone”.

Several Russian observers said they believed Russia may try to shoot down some US missiles as a token symbol of resistance.

Trump’s Tweet appeared to have been prompted by comments from Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon, which were widely reported Wednesday morning, that warned Russian Federation would fire not only on any US missiles targeting Syria, but also the units launching them. Moscow, which had received an advance tip by the get its servicemen out of harm’s way, limited its response to angry statements of protest.

“Our relationship with Russian Federation is worse now than it has ever been, and that includes the Cold War”.

After Mr Trump’s tweet, Russian Federation repeated its suggestions that the West had staged the chemical attack as a pretext for military intervention.

Senior Russian figures, including the head of the military, warned that USA missiles will be shot down and their launch sites targeted if Russian personnel come under threat, the report said. The missiles have a range of up to 450 kilometers (280 miles).

Erdogan also told reporters on Friday that tensions between the two countries over a suspected chemical attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma now seem to have eased.

Russia’s U.N. ambassador accused the USA of adopting a “categorical policy to unleash terror in Syria”, in an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting.

It was a marked escalation in force compared to a U.S. strike launched a year ago, when only cruise missiles were used against a single airfield. He added that the use of nuclear weapons is “unlikely”.

After Trump’s tweet, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based war monitor, said pro-government forces were emptying main airports and military air bases.

Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon has warned that Russian Federation would attempt to shoot down a USA missile strike and target the missile launch sites in response.

“It will mean geopolitical shame and colossal reputational losses”.

When asked if he was referring to a war between the United States and Russian Federation, he said, “We can not exclude any possibilities, unfortunately, because we saw messages that are coming from Washington”.

Lavrov warned against USA military “adventures” in the country, but signaled that Russian Federation remains open for negotiations. “We have reached the moment when the world must see justice done”.

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