Ryan Tannehill ‘day-to-day,’ should remain on fantasy benches if active

Dec 29, 2015

Miko Grimes, the wife of Dolphins’ cornerback Brent Grimes, has a long history of going on Twitter to express her thoughts, including her husband not being named MVP at the Pro Bowl and National Football League greed and sexism. Among the tweets are one asking how many people have to get fired before “you realize [Tannehill’s] the problem” and another saying she should have known the Dolphins would lose because Tannehill didn’t complete a pass in two-minute drills against the “practice squad defense”.

Miko Grimes also went after reporters from the Palm Beach Post and Miami Herald, accusing them of supporting Tannehill while trying to “destroy” Grimes and the defense.

According to Salguero, he has had a personal run-in with Grimes where she called him a pussy after he compared Tannehill to Joe Flacco, and the Dolphins have spoken to her husband at least five times about her behavior on social media.

That tweet, though, prompted Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero to reveal an unsavory, behind-the-scenes accounting for his and other reporters’ dealings with Miko Grimes, as well as the team’s unsuccessful past efforts to rein her in. We may have had FanShots to link to the stories, but I have never written about them. Here is what she had to say on Twitter.

Tannehill seems to be something of a burr for Mrs. Grimes.

Grimes, in addition to her vigorous Twitter account, did a radio show with the Sun-Sentinel’s Omar Kelly until Grimes was sacked after being arrested for a run-in with police this season. The charges against her were eventually dropped. What if he has a wife who goes on rants against the franchise, the players, the media, and the fans? If you were trying to make a decision on what to do with a cornerback who was once great, but may be losing a step as he nears the end of his career and he has a $9.5 million price tag for next year?

It’s unclear whether her comments will affect Brent Grimes’ future with the team. Speculation as to what caused blood to appear in his urine can be directed toward the beating Tannehill has taken this season.

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