Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9

Separately, a TechRadar report claimed that the Galaxy S9 will be £100 more expensive than the Galaxy S8, citing a source within the United Kingdom’s smartphone industry. Handsets that approach laptop prices could become the new normal.

The Galaxy S8 was launched at £689 a year ago, so it follows that the Galaxy S9 will up things to £789 (approx Rs 70820). In previous S models, there were no differences between the standard S device and the S+ model, apart from size.

If the S9 Plus sees the same increase, you could see it retail somewhere in the ballpark of $950, £879 and AU$1,449.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Oreo update isn’t official, but all signs point to a future upgrade for all Galaxy S7-branded devices in the United States and around the world. This could explain the price jump for the S9+. But the new leaks are some of the most revealing yet. Because the phones haven’t even been released yet. And as expected, not much has changed in its design. As you can see from the S9 case in the bottom left it has a smaller cut out for the camera than the other caes. Speaking of the display, it might include an in-display fingerprint sensor, while the panel itself will once again be AMOLED.

All of you that have had issues with the fingerprint scanner – it’s time to celebrate. While there is hardly anything left to the imagination of a consumer, a new leak has revealed that the two new smartphones will arrive in a fascinating new colour variant. Recently, reports towards the usage of a new Y-Octa display technology on the phones.

The phone is also supposedly going to be capable of super-slow motion. A slow-mo video capture feature is said to be present as well running at 480fps. Google Pixel 2 holds the throne for having the best smartphone camera which Samsung plans to overcome.

Samsung Galaxy S9 might cost $140 more than the Galaxy S8 in Europe


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