Sarnicola: Parkland school shooting a reminder of need to take action

Mar 7, 2018

Parents of the victims of the Valentine’s Day shooting at the school read a prepared statement, calling on the state’s Legislature to pass a bill they believe will improve school security.

The bill includes $400 million in funding for schools to address mental health issues, the Herald reported.

The debate covered 37 amendments filed by Democrats.

The Senate amended its bill to limit which teachers could volunteer to go through law enforcement training and carry guns in schools.

The school safety plan Scott proposed is otherwise mostly in line with the bill the Senate is considering.

The vote was 20-17 against the assault weapon ban, with two Republicans joining all of the senate’s 15 Democrats in support of the proposal, the Miami Herald reported.

Democratic senator Darryl Rouson from St. Petersburg said, “The same number of people that died in Parkland have died since Parkland and every day before that”. “What we can do is mitigate it to a point that we think we can tell children that they can be safe in their schools”.

The Florida Senate is expected to vote on the legislation on Monday, with the Republican-controlled House set to take up the bill next.

The move to pass the bill, the most successful and sweeping attempt at gun control in Florida’s recent legislative history, was triggered by a shooting in Parkland on February 14 and is named in honor of the tragic event.

Another Douglas student, Ryan Deitsch, tweeted that the legislative effort was like “being up a half time – means nothing until the end”.

Anthony and his family will seek unspecified monetary damages from Broward County, Broward County Schools and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, the family’s attorney wrote. The call came a day after Trump put Cornyn and other Republicans in the hot seat as he called for speedy and substantial changes to the nation’s gun laws in a televised meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers at the White House.

“We don’t want him to veto the bill”, said Angie Gall of the Florida PTA.

“We’re going to stand with them”, he said.

A House committee last week approved similar legislation, including a provision allowing local sheriffs to create voluntary programs for deputizing school personnel as armed “marshals”, subject to school district approval and special training.

The shooter, Nikolas Jacob Cruz, used an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle to carry out the massacre – a gun that would have been included in the failed assault weapons ban. “It’s clear gun violence is an epidemic that’s tearing our communities apart, but I’m hopeful the tide is turning on our nation’s gun debate, and that we now have the chance to enact meaningful change”.

Florida Senate approved AR-15 ban for 15 minutes before rescinding it


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