See Winners of 2018 Texas Primary Elections

Mar 23, 2018

It’s primary season for the 2018 midterm elections, and voters in Texas are the first in the nation to head to the ballot box.

Her group is hoping that engagement filters to governor and legislative races, particularly in the state Senate where Democrats need five seats to take control of the chamber in the statehouse.

Democrats had far better turnout in the 1994 primary, for example. Will Hurd in a district stretching hundreds of miles from San Antonio to El Paso. And Democrats are expected to pick up some vulnerable seats from Republicans. Just over 1 million people voted in the Democratic primary in 2002. Democratic turnout surpassed that of Republicans in midterm early voting for the first time ever. While over 1.4 Republican voters turned out for the primary, nearly a midterm record for the Texas Republicans, the Democratic vote tally reached more than 1 million – a midterm primary turn out not seen for the blue team since 2002.

Meanwhile, in California, the state Democratic Committee ensured an internal fight when it snubbed Sen. The party is seriously targeting about a half-dozen Republican-held seats, with multiple Democrats running for each. The DCCC, which focuses on electing Democrats to the House, has such research on its website against just two people: Moser and a Republican running in a Pennsylvania special congressional election next week.

Incumbent Attorney General Ken Paxton and Democratic challenger Justin Nelson were unopposed in their primaries. “Neither would’ve happened without being made an issue in this campaign”. Loudly strong (Trump). Quietly strong (Wall).

The tensions will get their next test in Texas with primaries Tuesday. And immigration fires up voters on the right, too. Though Davis won the nomination handily, she lost by a wide margin to Abbott in the general election that year, and some political observers wondered if her shortcomings in border counties presaged her loss in the general.

But their chances might not be as great as they think, though. Ted Cruz – have suggested that turnout could translate into more momentum on that side heading into November. In the Republican primary runoff, there were 21,124 voters. Barton, whose district is home to at least 7,700 Dreamers, supports a legislative fix to DACA.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised eyebrows in Culberson’s district when it publicly released a memo calling one of its seven candidates, Laura Moser, a “Washington insider” who’d once declared she’d “rather have my teeth pulled out without anesthesia” than live in Paris, Texas.

How many primaries for those eight open congressional seats will have to be settled in runoffs? “But the good news is there are more conservatives than there are liberals in Texas”. While Cruz said Tuesday that conservatives needed to be wary of Democratic enthusiasm due to their animosity toward President Donald Trump, he sounded more confident on Wednesday.

Family legacy on the line: Incumbent Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush – the son of Jeb Bush and the last Bush in political office – faces a primary challenge from former land commissioner Jerry Patterson. Trump won here by 20 percentage points in 2016.

It’s a trend seen in other recent elections.

“There is a larger swath of the American electorate that has come to know, respect, and really admire immigrants and refugees in their communities”, he says. But there are contested primaries in every Republican-held House district that national Democrats are targeting. Republican Sen. Jeff Flake is hoping a short-term solution can be affixed to an upcoming must-pass spending bill later this month.

“I want to thank all the voters and volunteers who have been supportive of my campaign, and I am truly humbled by the outpouring of support Texans have shown this evening”, said Governor Abbott.

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