Stores try to cater to savvier customers on Black Friday

Nov 26, 2016

While Warren and Powell may be wily veterans of Black Friday shopping, for Nashville resident Angie Bond, this was her first time going out for the annual shopping event. Online sales were forecast to pass $3 billion (all figures US) for the first time.

The retailer said that saw double-digit growth on Thanksgiving, marking its biggest day ever, driven by deals on electronics.

Donnell Allen, a sales associate at JC Penny, attempts to hand out coupon packets while being rushed by a crowd of Black Friday shoppers shortly after the doors opened at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 24, 2016, at Midland Park Mall in Midland, Texas. While a survey of about 1,000 US consumers by AlixPartners indicated that 83 percent of shoppers expect to spend about the same or more this holiday season, mobile phones are making price comparisons simpler than ever.

More shoppers are using their smartphones and tablets, too.

Walmart was one of the retailers to experience a mobile boom. It reported on Friday that 70 percent of the traffic to its website came from mobile devices.

Sure, she says, she could have bought online. She said she prefers in-store shopping because she likes to be able to pick up items and see them.

“I don’t like the idea of it”, said Lauren Glynn. When she and friend Sanjana Mahesh headed out at 5 a.m. on the hunt for Converse sneakers, Kannan had already been perusing deals online for almost two hours. She was looking for a big-screen TV at the Best Buy store in Howell Township, New Jersey.

Then, about 9 p.m., with some people falling into a stupor, the young and hardy would set out for the Best Buy parking lot for the insane sales.

The record numbers bode well for Amazon and other online retailers as they gear up for what promises to be an even bigger day: Cyber Monday.

Still, she said she hits the stores every year, including Kohl’s, Class E. Professor and Justice Friday.

Locally, retailers in the Historic West Bottoms that are normally only open on First Friday weekends have chose to open for this additional weekend to meet growing demand for their vintage and antique goods.

Three reasons why people are willing to hit the stores, rather than the Internet: a good deal, convenience and customer service. Most large retailers post their Black Friday ads, coupons, and offers online beforehand to give shoppers time to see what they have to offer, and to plan their shopping strategy. “It’s good that the Black Friday deals are put online, well before the day comes”. MOA officials expect 400,000 shoppers through Sunday. Wal-Mart started its Thanksgiving sale online at 12:01 a.m. ET Thursday, three hours earlier than past year.

This season comes as leading chains, including Macy’s and Gap, have closed stores in a trend that many experts believe will increase in the years ahead. “The entire store, which is a city block, was completely surrounded with people waiting patiently”. The deals AOL has been digging out have also proved useful for thousands of shoppers.

The soft-spoken, tech savvy young man returned the article because he found one better deal at a store of Target Corp., at the upper level of the Queens Place Mall, an urban shopping center in NY.

Rival department store John Lewis will continue its Black Friday event until Monday. “So far it’s encouraging what we’re seeing out there in our stores”.

They had waited in a long line to get into Bass Pro at 5 a.m. but were pleased with the deals they found on kids pajamas. “Online is better, faster, straight from our home”.

For Matt Kita, Black Friday is a tradition that he has sold to his wife’s side of the family.

“You actually know what you’re getting”, said Mr. Ansbro, 33, a construction worker. “This seems pretty low key this year”, Kita said.

The Black Friday mentality and marketing approach has even crossed the Atlantic and is shaping shopping habits in much of Britain.

Amazon Black Friday Store opens today for the early shopper Sean Thomas


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