The Apple X Notch On Android Phones?

However, the design has been not only received well by audience and critics, but also many Android smartphone makers are planning to launch notch enabled full screen design smartphones. Right now, no concrete information suggests facial recognition on the smartphone, which gives LG plenty of room to play around with the front camera and other associated elements. Apple will launch a bigger iPhone X with 6.5-inch OLED display and a cheaper model with 6.1-inch LCD display. And Apple is unlikely to confirm its plans until it launches the iPhone 11 (under the same or another name).

Remember the saying, “If Johnny jumps off a bridge, would you follow him, ‘ well the same applies in this situation Just because Apple decides to use a notch in their display, does that mean Android manufacturers have to use one too”.

On the iPhone X, however, the notch services a objective, housing a bunch of technologies including the front-facing camera, infra-red camera for Face ID, dot projector, flood illuminator, speaker, microphone, ambient light sensor and proximity sensor. The company is reportedly working on a new design which will ‘completely fill the front of new iPhones’. And if a new report on South Korea’s ETNews is to be believed, 2019 is going to be a great year for all those who refrained from upgrading to the iPhone X due to the unsightly notch.

And as for the notch-less iPhones coming in 2019? This is good and useful because a few of these notch iterations have looked frightful, mainly because the software wasn’t built to consider these cutouts. It also includes the infrared camera, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor necessary for Face ID. What’s interesting is that the iPhone X has been on sale for less than two months during the quarter.

Apple had introduced its 10 anniversary iPhone – the iPhone X with much hype past year.

Take a look at what’s actually housed in the iPhone X’s notch below.

iPhone X is applied with an OLED display that has the top area concaved in.

While Citi dropped its iPhone X sales estimates for the first half of the year, the analysts still expect Apple to sell more iPhones than during the same period last year.

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