The ‘Galaxy X’ is rumoured to be Samsung’s foldable smartphone prototype

Samsung said earlier this week that its pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 are better than those for its previous phones.

The Galaxy S8 Plus 128GB model – which comes with 6GB RAM in Korea and China – has proven the most popular, initial stock for which has run out in the pre-order sales.

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ also feature some of the most advanced types of security features. However, other features such as the deluxe notification screen Bixby Home and Vision will be included in the April 21 launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The market for voice assistants also hasn’t yet gelled, so there’s time for Samsung to catch up.

According to an article from Android Central, Samsung is still in the process of requesting components to manufacture 2,000 to 3,000 prototype devices.

The arrival of the Galaxy S8 has had some setbacks too. It not only has to move past the Note 7 crisis, but it must also compete with the specter of a completely overhauled iPhone, which many analysts are expecting this fall.

All told, Bixby will initially be compatible with 10 of the Galaxy S8’s built-in apps, including gallery, phone, contacts, settings, camera, and reminders.

To further consolidate potential gains, Samsung said it will expand the eco-system of the Galaxy 8 series by beefing up cooperation with companies and rolling out various gadgets linked to the smartphone. The company has a lot to prove with its newest product, as it’s the first device to be launched since the exploding Galaxy Note 7 grabbed headlines a year ago. Citing industry sources, the publications said the prototype could be “a preliminary version of its upcoming foldable smartphone, dubbed Galaxy X”. This is a design that has been seen in other consumer devices.

For example, a first attempt to ask “what’s the weather like in London today?” brought the response: “Hmm looks like Domain isn’t installed yet”. So in this case, if Samsung can delay a few weeks and get a better product, it makes sense to do so. Apple develops hardly anything.

The tech selling site musicMagpie has released data indicating that Apple is a clear victor when it comes to retaining value, beating out other leading brands such as Samsung.

“Bixby promised to be more advanced than other AI capabilities in the market, and it was probably prudent of Samsung to do this, although it’s another embarrassment for the company since it was hyped and promised”, Luna said.

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