Trump makes vulgar remark about Hillary Clinton

Dec 22, 2015

“She was going to beat Obama”, Trump said of Clinton at a campaign appearance in MI on Monday night.

Trump’s “schlonged” comment on Monday wasn’t the only one directed at Clinton, as he also went off on her for getting on the debate stage late on Saturday.

“What happened to her?” he asked during a rally in Grand Rapids, Mich. If evidence of Trump’s comments being explicitly used to recruit extremist elements is not found at some point during the election, this could compound her difficulties with independents and even some Democrats who side with Bernie Sanders because of his principled approach. She’s not a GOP primary opponent; he’ll have to face her (if they both win their primaries) in November 2016, a presidential year when the so-called Obama coalition-young people, African Americans, Latinos, LGBT folks, and single white women-go to the polls. “We want to be very straight up, OK?” Don’t say it, it’s disgusting.

“They gave her every benefit of the doubt and she practically owns ABC”, Trump told his crowd, suggesting that he didn’t actually watch the debates because actually they started without Hillary Clinton.

The Clinton campaign released a short statement through its communications director Jennifer Palmieri on Twitter.

“I mean, [stuttering] it’s better not to say things like what Donald Trump said because it does inflame the people who needs to help us”.

The billionaire entrepreneur has previously been criticised for misogynistic comments he made in relation to an interview with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly: “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes”. She decried Trump’s rhetoric on Muslims, saying it was “not only unsafe, it’s shameful”. “It’s disgusting”, he said to supporters at a rally in MI.

Standing before a crowd of 7,500, Trump recounted how Clinton was seconds late to the Democratic debate stage on Saturday night following a commercial break. In recent weeks, he has repeatedly commented on her pantsuits, said she lacks the “stamina” and “strength” needed for the presidency, and accused her of sleeping too much.

The Clinton campaign refused the request.

Advocating for more “love and kindness” Clinton added: “That’s why it’s important to stand up to bullies wherever we are and why we shouldn’t let anybody bully his way into the presidency”.

“But she said that video of Donald Trump is being used by ISIS to recruit”, host Mika Brzezinski interjected. “We ought to get going and do some more damage, basically”.

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