Trump team publicly debates adding Romney

Her tweets reflect a sense of betrayal among Mr. Trump’s most ardent supporters, who recall Mr. Romney’s sharp criticism of Mr. Trump during the Republican primary campaign.

The New York businessman views Mr. Romney as the prototypical choice to be the nation’s top diplomat, and a group of advisers inside the transition are pushing him to select the 2012 Republican presidential nominee. His apparent main rival for the job, the former MA governor Mitt Romney, who spoke derisively of Donald Trump during the primaries, has been trying to keep a low profile but has found himself baited by leaks from the transition teams.

But the other leading choice for top diplomat, outspoken former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani – one of Trump’s loudest supporters from early in his campaign – has drawn scrutiny for business dealings that could pose conflicts of interest.

The debate inside Trump’s wide circle of formal and informal advisers – pitting supporters of one leading contender, Mitt Romney, against those of another, Rudy Giuliani – has led to the kind of dramatic airing of differences that characterized Trump’s unconventional and often squabbling campaign team.

Even as Mitt Romney ponders a job in Donald Trump’s administration and the Bush family made congratulatory calls to the president-elect, their staffers and other leaders of the failed movement have gone silent or made themselves scarce.

Romney has been under heavy scrutiny from the Republican Party when he portrayed Trump as a phony and a fraud in a speech last March in Salt Lake City. He refused to elaborate on the deliberations concerning the 2012 GOP nominee and the former NY mayor, among others in contention for the position.

Mitt Romney may be on deck to be the new face of America to the world, and some Trump loyalists don’t like it.

President-elect Donald Trump and Mitt Romney shake hands as Romney leaves Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in Bedminster, N.J., Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016.

Trump is also considering giving Rudy Giuliani the job.

Conway told CNN that she told the same thing to Trump privately. Mr. Giuliani said those concerns were unfounded and that 90% of his firm’s work is done on behalf of companies, not governments. “You’re not just savaging Donald Trump”.

On Monday a senior member of Trump’s transition team reportedly told Fox News that Giuliani is the odds-on favorite to fill the role.

Romney also comes from a wing of the Republican Party that was vehemently opposed to Trump’s Presidential rise.

“The pluses of a Romney appointment are that he has supporters who are anti-Trump”, Mr. Schadler said.

During the campaign, Ms. Haley implicitly criticized Mr. Trump’s rough anti-illegal immigration rhetoric when delivering the GOP response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address.

Picking Romney – beaten in the 2012 White House race by Barack Obama – would reassure the Republican Party establishment and USA allies anxious about Trump’s foreign policy.

Carolyn Kaster


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