United States calls on Turkey to pull troops out of Iraq

Dec 22, 2015

“From the outset, we tried to resolve this matter through bilateral channels”.

Turkey’s military said the camp was hit by Katyusha rockets fired by ISIL during a battle with Iraq’s Kurdish Peshmerga fighters.

Baghdad says the Turkish military presence is a violation of its sovereignty.

The United States ramped up pressure Wednesday on Turkey to pull unauthorized troops from Iraq, aiming to defuse a dispute that has rankled relations between two countries central to the fight against the Islamic State group.

The rocket fire kicked off the attack by a battalion-sized force of fighters that temporarily broke through the Kurdish lines at Tal Aswad, Bashiqa and Nawaran using construction vehicles like excavators to breach berms and other defensive positions, he said.

Russian Federation and the USA are at odds over the mechanics of a political transition aimed at halting the war in Syria as well as the military approach to fighting the Islamic State group. “Not replace them”, he said. While U.S. forces are advising the peshmerga in some areas, they were 15 miles (25 km) or more from this fight, he added.

“The point is [the USA mission] bore the fruit we had hoped to”, Carter said. Officials in Washington publicly acknowledged that the Turkish-Syrian border is being used to smuggle oil, goods, fighters and weapons but said the Turkish government is not involved.Szubin said the United States has been working with the Turkish government to intensify the scrutiny and oversight of less formal financial channels, such as money transfer service businesses and exchange bureaus. They also hope it will demonstrate the ability of up Iraq’s official security forces to succeed without the help of Shiite paramilitary forcesbacked by Iran.

Even while urging North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally Turkey to tread lightly in Iraq, the USA has been pressing Turkey to step up its involvement in the U.S.-led coalition fighting IS.

Iraqi forces have begun to push Islamic State out of Ramadi in Iraq’s western province of Anbar, according to US defense officials. But he said they were able to eventually regain the territory and beat back the insurgents.

Carter has been saying he wants to identify new ways that other coalition members can contribute to the campaign. One goal is to get allies to take on some of the missions being done by some of the approximately 3,500 USA troops in Iraq, so that those forces can take on more specialized roles.

An AH-64D Apache helicopter belonging to 1st Battalion 4th Aviation Regiment Attack Reconnaissance Battalion flies over Iraq


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