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Why yes, I did.

“It’s different, obviously, because of these personalities”, says Seacrest, who also will continue his weekday “Live With Regis and Kelly” co-host duties, “but the show, at its core, works in format and works in premise”. We took off the top layer and we also had our get-acquainted moment which is like, ‘That’s nice. I loved Paula’s loopy cheeriness and Randy’s repetitive encouragement. “I consider myself the instructor basically”. But somewhere along the way, the show lost me.

Richie added, “The handsome part is I love the judging”. And since Perry and Richie aren’t really that extreme, Bryan doesn’t offer too much in the premiere, outside of generalized Nashville charm. Yeah, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, I’m talking about you.

Perhaps sensing some general need for respite – from unpleasantness, cruelty, bullies – ABC resurrects an American Idol that’s cozily familiar, reassuring even, with the franchise’s recognizable markers intact and the spikier inclinations of previous incarnations left behind.

KATY PERRY: “Really? I think that people are not telling you the truth”. I triple dare you.

Grace, who previously attended Mockingbird Elementary and Coppell Middle School East before homeschooling, moved to McKinney just over a year ago. Clearly, I wasn’t being cynical enough.

The revival of American Idol will premiere on Sunday, March 11, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

ABC has long wanted a hit singing competition series (Duets, Rising Star, I could go on). “Now, I’m not saying you should come on the show because you’re homeless and I’ll feel sorry for you”.

Suriel Hess from Ashland will be singing his heart out in front of the American Idol judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie tonight. It’s time for the auditions because there’s no season of American Idol without great talent and maybe some so-so talent too, but don’t expect any bad auditions this year. (That said, this is the same network that recently filmed the Bachelor dumping someone after an accepted proposal). Do we really need this in our lives? Can Seacrest shake those before this “Idol” returns, or will they follow him like the ghost of a scarlet letter?

Perry is no slouch herself: past year, the pop superstar became the first artist in history to go “diamond” 3 times, passing the 10-million mark for record sales on three of her hits, “Roar”, “Dark Horse” and “Firework”. Is Perry worth her reported $25 million salary? But she is good. One of the most memorable auditions is delivered by Catie Turner.

“It’s interesting. It’s a little out of my comfort zone”, Bryan revealed.

“We’re a crossover package for sure”, Richie added.

The show sometimes strikes the right balance between “viral” and “inspirational” (a contestant who had a “Fergie moment” as a child seeks redemption on “Idol”) but largely skews in favor of the former.

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