XCOM 2 Released Worldwide, Launch Trailer Available

Firaxis’s XCOM 2 is receiving excellent reviews and will be available to the general public starting at midnight on the West Coast in the United States.

XCOM 2 is the sequel to the award-winning strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The bad news is that the support is limited to Valve’s decidedly non-standard Steam Controller for the time being. Other than that, it was announced by Valve as well that it will have a so-called native integration with the Steam Controller hardware. The controller’s touch menus will also let players quickly select their soldiers’ abilities.

Then, last night, Firaxis took to the XCOM 2 Steam page to explain that the game was getting launch-day controller support…as long as you have a Steam Controller. If you’ve already purchased the game, but would still like the discount they also say that this should be possible through Steam. Because your base is now mobile, you can move it around the world map to perform time-based scanning missions that net you much-needed resources and staff, as well as make contact with resistance cells. Firaxis said that XCOM 2 features procedurally generated levels and a wider variety of stronger alien enemies than XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

XCOM 2 launch trailer


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