Yankees have new rally cry after debacle in Detroit

The Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees got into a vicious brawl Thursday afternoon, but it looks like the animosity carried over to the Tigers dugout.

The actual brawl started when Miguel Cabrera of Detroit and Austin Romine of NY began talking to each other at home plate. Kahnle’s first pitch to Cabrera went behind his back, prompting the plate umpire to eject him without a warning.

Following that, though, Cabrera got into a tussle with NY catcher Austin Romine, which resulted in both players on the ground and a full-blown melee involving both dugouts and bullpens.

Tommy Kahnle (for throwing behind Cabrera) and Alex Wilson (for drilling Todd Frazier) might also get a game as well for their part in fanning the flames, and both Girardi and Tigers manager Brad Ausmus might get a game as well.

The tense moments weren’t over.

Everyone was out on the field again an inning later when Tigers catcher James Romine was hit in the head on a 98-mph fastball by Dellin Betances in the seventh, although this time there was no fighting.

Betances’ replacement, David Robertson, then hit Detroit catcher John Hicks with a pitch, loading the bases.

The first came when Sanchez (No. 24 in the video below) sucker punched Miguel Cabrera while he was in no position to defend himself.

Gary Sanchez is likely facing a suspension from Major League Baseball for appearing to throw multiple punches during the first of three benches-clearing incidents with the Tigers Thursday. Girardi went to bat for his players after that game and you better believe they heard him loud and clear. Romine, the brother of Tigers utility man Andrew Romine, also was ejected.

Fulmer, the starting pitcher for the Tigers, hit Gary Sanchez in the fifth inning, on the hands. You guys can say whatever you want, but he can do whatever he wants.

“If you can’t see that Fulmer clearly hit Sanchez, there’s something wrong, ” Girardi said. Betances said he didn’t hit McCann on objective, and McCann said afterward: “I don’t think it was intentional”.

This was certainly not the last of the tensions between these two teams in this game.

Up next came Aroldis Chapman to replace Kahlne.

Yankees’ relievers combined to give up six runs in four innings in place of Jaime Garcia, who only got 12 outs.

Eight players in total were ejected from the game, which the Tigers won by the final score of 10-6.

Austin Romine


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