Adventures with Herbalife Nutrition – From Arctic Exploration To the Australian Desert

Dec 4, 2018

Sebastian Copeland is without a doubt one of the world’s most fascinating people. He is most famous as an arctic explorer but he also explores other extreme environments that are rarely, if ever, experienced first hand by other human beings. What makes Copeland even more special is he has given other people a rare glimpse of these vast wild surreal landscapes by capturing stunningly beautiful and surreal photographic images. He’s also filmed and produced extraordinary documentaries. Proudly sponsored by Herbalife Nutrition, Sebastian Copeland puts a great deal of emphasis on his personal nutrition to prepare for his physically grueling adventures and to sustain him during these prolonged expeditions.

Herbalife Nutrition products fuel Sebastian Copeland’s training sessions and help to prepare his body for the rigorous challenges he encounters in sub-zero temperatures, shifting snow drifts, and the blistering wind storms that can push him back ten to twenty percent for every mile he hikes. Herbalife Nutrition shakes provide Copeland with the stamina he needs, hiking up to fourteen hours per day, pulling a shed full of supplies weighing two to four hundred pounds! On the other end of the extreme weather spectrum, Copeland’s body is also prepared to endure the sun baked reality of the most expansive deserts on Earth. Here’s what Copeland had to say in an interview about Herbalife Nutrition and the importance of nutrition in accomplishing his goals:

“Herbalife (Herbalife Nutrition) has been a part of the most challenging expeditions that I’ve done and became really a critical and ongoing part my diet, especially when it comes to high performance. Putting the right scientifically balanced nutrition in your body is critical for you to be performing at peak.”

It is always interesting to know what originally inspired extraordinary people to do what they do. As a boy growing up in the 1970s, Sebastian Copeland got lost in the vivid adventures recounted in Jack London’s books. He also read and reread other adventurous tales about the great arctic explorers. He absorbed the descriptive colorful language used in those books to describe exotic places he had never been. These tales painted a vivid picture in Copeland’s imagination and he dreamed of one day following in great explorers’ footsteps.

As an adult, with lots of hard work and perseverance, Sebastian Copeland has proven that childhood dreams can indeed come true. He is without a doubt one of the most successful explorers alive today. In the process of doing what he loves, he has racked up hundreds of awards and accolades for his exploration, photography, and activism on global warming. On January 17, 2013, Herbalife Nutrition announced they had named Sebastian Copeland their Herbalife24 Adventurer of the Year! Here is what Sebastian Copeland had to say about Herbalife Nutrition’s Herbalife24 line of products the same year that happened:

“I’m big on the 24 line. That’s generally what I go to and the Prolong is really good for me because it’s easy to ingest and then the shakes are generally what I drink when I’m on the trails. It definitely fills you up. It feeds your muscles. Makes you feel good and it tastes great.”

The “shakes” Sebastian Copeland is referring to are in the Herbalife24 line of products, which are all specially formulated for the needs of high performance athletes who need to carefully watch their nutritional intake 24/7. The Herbalife24 line of products also work well for all Herbalife Nutrition fans who are really active, as outdoor adventurers or otherwise. If you want to inquire about this product from a Herbalife Nutrition distributor, in the Herbalife Nutrition’s Herbalife24 line, the shake powder product is called the Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sports Shake. It was developed with a great deal of scientific testing while working directly with athletes who depend on nutrition to enhance their performance and build their muscular strength.

The developers of the Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sports Shake product started with the infamous Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 shake formula and then modified it to specifically address the needs of an athlete. The proteins included are highly purified whey and casein proteins, both derived from milk, which have been shown to be the best combination of proteins for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Lactose, the sugar found in milk, is intentionally kept very low, only one gram per one scoop shake.

Herbalife Nutrition’s Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sports Shake also contains one thousand milligrams of the amino acid, L-Glutamine. There’s also extra vitamin C, vitamin D, and other micronutrients needed by athletes and others who put their bodies through strenuous physical activity. Just like the original Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 shake, the Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sports Shake is designed to be a complete meal that can serve as a fully nutritious substitute for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The convenience of these shakes is another major plus to any adventurer/athlete!

At the very “top” of the northern half of our globe, Sebastian Copeland has certainly made a mark for himself! To pay homage to Rear Admiral Robert Edwin Peary Sr.’s successful reaching of the geographic North Pole on April 6, 1909, Copeland planned an expedition one hundred years later in 2009 with his partner, Keith Heger. This was a two month four-hundred-mile journey with MINUS 50 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. A documentary on this expedition, Into the Cold: A Journey of the Soul, won so many awards it would difficult to count them. The film captivated audiences with breathtaking, almost magical, scenery. However, it also delivered a sad and alarming message that in another one hundred years, there will be no way to reach the magnetic North Pole on foot because the hard ice used to get there will be gone due to global warming.

In 2010, Sebastian Copeland and Eric McNair-Landry embarked on a 1429 plus mile (about 2300 kilometers) kite skiing adventure from the southern end of Greenland to the northern end. It took forty-four days and Copeland used satellite internet to post updates on Twitter and Facebook. It was an effort to draw more attention to the effects of global warming. He set another World Record in the process of course! In 2008, Copeland helped Global Green USA raise awareness on how global warming is negatively affecting the lives Inuit indigenous peoples. They are losing their ability to hunt and follow their traditional culture due to the melting of the ice. Passing on his adventurous spirit to children, and to teach the world about global warming, Copeland also led an expedition in the far northern Canadian Arctic with nine children. It’s no wonder that Herbalife Nutrition decided to sponsor Sebastian Copeland!

If you have a soft spot for penguins and all things southern hemisphere, don’t worry, Sebastian Copeland is an equal opportunity polar explorer! As such, he has had several adventures at the South Pole too. Copeland and his partner, Eric McNair-Landry, reached Antarctica’s Pole of Inaccessibility on December 27, 2011, after a fifty-three day arduous trek. This was done without any assistance from a third party. December is the peak of summer in Antarctica, but they still had to deal with MINUS 40 to MINUS 20 Fahrenheit degree weather conditions! They also dealt with a wind chill factor of even lower, frostbite, and winds that were so strong they were in the hurricane category (so 70 miles or more). The Pole of Inaccessibility is so named because it’s the most difficult region of Antarctica to reach. A GPS tracked their location the whole time and they sent reports back through a satellite connection. Where did they get the energy to prepare for this trip, let alone survive it? Herbalife Nutrition no doubt played a critical role!

But wait, Sebastian Copeland and Eric McNair-Landry’s adventure gets even better! On January 23, 2012, they finished a crossing of the entire Antarctica Continent, approximately 2600 miles (about 4100 kilometers). Wow! They did this all on cross country skiis and using ski kites. They broke three world records in the process. You know how that commercial tells kids to eat their “wheaties” so they’ll grow up strong… better change that Herbalife Nutrition shakes and Herbalife24 ACHIEVE Protein Bars! Just have the kids watch a documentary about Copeland’s feats and they’ll want to drink a Herbalife Nutrition shake every day!

In August 2016, it wasn’t polar bears or penguins that Sebastian Copeland and his partner, Mark George, encountered on their twenty-six day adventure. It was venomous snakes and scorpions! They set a new record for the longest east west trek across the Simpson Desert in Australia, the biggest sand dune desert in the world. The deserts are changing too due to global warming and Copeland was there to document it in a place that is near impossible to trek.

There are more than 900 large sand dunes in the Simpson Desert that run north and south and Copeland his partner crossed them all for a total distance of about 405 miles (about 651 kilometers). To show you just how impressive a feat this was, they were pulling carts weighing more than four hundred pounds, mostly water! Too bad there’s no snow, i.e. readymade water, in the desert, just sand that makes for really difficult walking. Luckily, the Herbalife Nutrition shake powder weighs very little so that helped! It all ended at the Birdsville’s Pub, a little “watering hole” in the middle of the Australian Outback. Their entire Simpson Desert adventure was documented on Red Bull TV.

Since about 2000, Sebastian Copeland has used his superb skills as an explorer, a photographer, and a filmmaker to draw more attention to the effects of global warming. In almost everything he does, he communicates an urgent message about the rapidly changing environment on our planet. As an “ambassador” to remotely accessible places on Earth, Copeland attempts to convey how the rest of the planet, where so many of us live, is connected to the polar regions. For example, he tries to impress upon people what it will mean to rising sea levels all around the globe as the polar ice melts. He has been able to show documented evidence of rapidly changing conditions in the polar regions that some have tried to deny. Copeland is lucky to be sponsored by Herbalife Nutrition and others so he can carry out this important work and we are all lucky that he shares so much of what he observes with the world at large.

In an interview with Life In Paris on France 24, Sept 9, 2018, Sebastian Copeland put things in stark but true terms, “If the poles are melting, and if the ice was to be gone, we’d be ten degrees C higher on global temperatures and humanity would not exist.” Scientists have been sending similar messages but it may be more effective coming from a polar explorer who doubles as a professional photographer. Copeland can more easily reach hearts, not just minds. As Copeland described his planned 2020 mission back to the magnetic North Pole, he made a profound statement that really hit this author’s heart, “I think it will quite possibly be the last time a human can walk on the Arctic Sea to reach the North Pole” (because the ice will have permanently melted!). You don’t have to be an “environmentalist” to grasp the meaning of that statement. It brings it down to a level where all human beings can relate. What kind of world will our great grandchildren inherit?

Sebastian Copeland embodies the Herbalife Nutrition philosophy of combining superb nutrition with an active lifestyle to achieve a healthy happy life. In his case, his happiness stems from achieving his childhood dream of being a polar explorer. Copeland was fortunate to be born with a great deal of innate athletic ability and the genetics for physical stamina. However, even with his natural gifts, his arduous expeditions to extreme weather places like the North Pole and the Simpson Desert in Australia would not be possible without the dedicated training he uses to prepare his body physically.

In a video interview produced by Herbalife Nutrition, Sebastian Copeland revealed what his grueling training schedule is like. He’s in the gym on a regular basis working the machines to build up his cardiovascular system and he works with a coach on his core training with the balance ball and weights. On top of all of that, he straps on a one hundred pound vest and hikes up and down big hills. Talk about a workhorse… but that’s what it takes to be an extreme explorer! Still, it’s lucky for Sebastian Copeland that he has partners like Herbalife Nutrition to give him the tools he needs to succeed.

For all of you out there who enjoy outdoor recreation, from weekend warriors to triathlon competitors, you can look to people like Sebastian Copeland to know how to prepare your own bodies for these outdoor adventures. Do you enjoy camping in the back country, long distance hiking, mountain climbing, white water rafting, kayaking for miles, rock climbing, or spelunking? Packing along Herbalife Nutrition’s Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport Shake powder is an incredibly smart way to make sure you get the nutrition you need so you don’t teeter out before you finish your adventure.

Herbalife Nutrition’s shake powders are all incredibly lightweight so they are a simple solution to packing in the nutrition you need without adding a lot of weight to your pack. They’re also easy to transfer to any type of package or container you prefer. You could even pre-measure out single servings into ziplock bags. When it’s time for a meal, all you’d have to do is mix the powder with water and voila. You’ll have a nutritionally balanced meal that will help your body recover and fuel it so you can carry on with our outdoor adventure. You can also stick some Herbalife24 ACHIEVE Protein Bars in your pack for a super quick and delicious snack to keep you going.

If you are into practicing your outdoor survival skills, it’s always good to have a backup plan if you are not successful at finding food in nature. Taking along some Herbalife Nutrition Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport Shake powder can save you from extreme hunger, especially if you get caught in an emergency. Even survivalist experts often take emergency food, especially if they have less experienced people along with them, or even more importantly, their own families who may not share in their desire to practice “survival” tactics to the extreme. If you’re out in the wilderness, starving and exhausted, your body will appreciate an Herbalife Nutrition shake to get you going again.

To all those who endeavor to accomplish a physical challenge, Sebastian Copeland has these words for you, “It’s really only about setting your mind to it, establishing a goal, understanding how to reach that goal by coming up with a strategy and applying that strategy one step at a time in order to get there. And you can really impress yourself by how far you can actually go.” These are words of wisdom from an renowned adventurer who has excelled both mentally and physically through record setting challenges in the world’s most extreme environments. He uses Herbalife24 products to help him so surely they could help you prepare and endure any outdoor adventure.

As an Herbalife Nutrition sponsored extreme athlete, Sebastian Copeland uses Herbalife24 products to sustain his workouts, help his body recover faster and more completely, and to fuel his adventures. Even if you are just a recreational adventurer, you can take a page out of his playbook and use Herbalife24 products to your full advantage. You’ll not only be able to go an extended time on your adventurers, and perhaps take on more challenging adventures, you’ll also enjoy them more because your body will be prepared for the physical challenge of it and you can easily take the balanced nutrition you need right out in the field with you. Have fun out there!


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