Advocates Sue Flint Over Poisoned Drinking Water

Officials are accused of ignoring months of health warnings about foul-smelling and discolored water, even as residents complained it was making them sick.

Those fears might not be so abstract after all: On the same day the state reassured residents that no ID was required at distribution stations, activists posted videos apparently showing National Guardsmen refusing to hand out water to undocumented people. Snyder said at the news conference that officials are trying to figure out where those pipes are so that action can be taken.

He announced that the state will have an increased administrative presence in Flint and called it the beginning of a long-term effort.

“I appreciate the federal government stepping up, but this does not replace the state stepping up and giving the funds for our residents to fix this issue”, Weaver said.

The lawsuit asks the judge to require the state and other defendants to replace the water supply lines, including portions of the system that are privately owned, and comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act by following treatment, monitoring, reporting and notification requirements.

In the meantime, the state government is providing bottled water and water filters for residents. A House-passed spending bill pending in the state Senate includes $3 million to help the city with unpaid water bills.

Environmental and human rights groups are suing Flint and MI officials, saying they aren’t doing enough in response to the city’s drinking water crisis.

It remains unclear when residents will be able to resume drinking unfiltered water.

A spokesman for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality said in an email to a reporter that Edwards and his team – who had crusaded against contamination in Washington D.C.’s water – were known to “pull that rabbit out of that hat everywhere they go”. “We took immediate action, need to do more, did more”.

“We’re not going to guess”. It was later discovered that that the river water was corrosive and had caused damage to the city’s pipes, allowing high-levels of lead to leach out.

Lead exposure is harmful to everyone, but it can have devastating impacts on young children by irreversibly harming brain development. But a one-time infusion of gallons of fresh water doesn’t do much to address the systemic failures of government that led to the water crisis in the first place.

■Ensuring the city has the “technical, managerial and financial capacity” to safely transition from its current water source, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, to the newly formed Karegnondi Water Authority some time later this year. “The” class=”local_link” target=”_blank”>lead. The city and state have since declared a public-health emergency. More than 95 percent of the homes tested in Cincinnati have no or very low levels of lead.

“While it might not be intentional, there’s this implicit bias against older cities – particularly older cities with poverty (and) majority-minority communities”, said Democratic U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee, who represents the Flint area.

At least three other suits have been filed since the crisis was exposed in the fall.



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