Another gun pardon from Christie: Marine brought 9mm into NJ

Dec 28, 2015

Christie, whose Republican presidential campaign is picking up momentum in the early voting state of New Hampshire, says New Jersey’s strict gun laws resulted in bad regulations.

“The timing is interesting, but if he actually has been out there trying to get second amendment type people in his corner to support him for his presidential run it would have been a hell of a lot stronger”, Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll said.

Like when Governor Christie said he was going to direct the New Jersey Department of Human Services not to participate in the settlement of Syrian refugees.

Velez lives in Davers, Massachusetts, and is a Marine recruiter in Boston, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

“New Jersey citizens should be permitted to defend themselves and not encounter unlawful delays and impediments”, Christie said a statement released to media, adding that the commission provided “a set of recommendations that I am proud to wholeheartedly embrace”.

He was visiting his brother in North Bergen in September when he was stopped for failing to use a turn signal. It said Velez had inadvertently brought the gun to New Jersey in the locked glove compartment of his truck.

His staunch roadblocking of the bill makes New Jersey a slightly more hard place to live for trans individuals than neighboring NY. “And not to be subject to the embarrassment that could come with going in a bathroom where somebody maybe doesn’t agree that they should be in there or not”, Christie said. The report did not suggest changes to relevant state laws.

Christie has pardoned one other out-of-state resident who had been charged but not convicted of a similar crime.

The commission recommends for gun-buying permits that the state Attorney General direct police to exercise uniformity in applying the law and for state police and courts to speed up the decision process for victims of domestic violence. The governor also has pardoned two people who were indicted, one who received a summons, and one who was convicted.

Gov. Chris Christie


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