Asheville Christmas temperatures 18 degrees above average

On Christmas Eve, the official record was broken by noon, with the mercury climbing to 78 degrees after tying the 76-degree record in the mid-morning.

The warming ocean waters in the tropical Pacific alter the weather patterns around the globe.

Temperatures across December so far have been consistently above and beyond what we could have expected for this time of the year. The previous record had been 63 degrees, which was set in 1996.

Temperatures are expected to fall to a high of 43 degrees on Monday, setting the stage for a possible 12-hour period of snow and sleet from Monday night into Tuesday. If that is the case then it is not a matter of whether this will be the warmest December on record but how much we will break the old record by.

High temperature records also tumbled across upstate NY as Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse topped 60 degrees.

Most of the shower activity is finished by noon, and some clearing takes place mainly to the north. Christmas Eve afternoon temperatures are record breaking, in the upper 60s to lower 70s!

But what’s going on in the United States can’t be attributed to El Niño alone. “These are temperatures that are like two dozen degrees warmer than they should be'”. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, there’s a low-pressure trough and plenty of snow coming down.

Central Jersey could be on the front line of a battle between warm and cold air as a warm front pushes north Monday night.

What will all of this mean for travel in the days ahead?

Warmth stats: December’s temperatures are still running about 11 degrees above normal in Syracuse as of Wednesday.

Southern Californians seeking a taste of winter weather will get their wish this Christmas as a cold storm system swings through the region, bringing chilly temperatures, rain and even snow in the mountains. May need some patience with this one, however, there is some snow and ice in the forecast next week.

As rain continues in the forecast, be careful on roads!

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