Aspiring to be a fitness model? Here are Few tips from India’s top fitness model Karan Oberoi that might help

Jan 12, 2019

Karan Oberoi born on 26 sep 1987 is an indian fitness icon, who was
recently voted as top fitness model by leading Indian fitness and lifestyle magazine “HT Brunch”. Karan is a winner of title “Mr Best Physique” at Mr india international modelling contest and is one of the most followed fitness model on Instagram till date.

Karan started his career journey as a graphic designer, eventually left his job to follow his life purpose after that one modelling brake that he got by accident while he was working with leading advertising firm, since then there has been no looking back for Karan. He has been part of big commercial brands like Reebok, Isuzu car, Royal enfield bikes, British Nutrition health supplements and seen on the cover page of famous fitness magazines.

Karan Oberoi

Karan shares his experience in points below, that might help if you
are aspiring to become a fitness model:

1. To be a fitness model you need lot of inspiration on day to day bases… keep watching movies and listen songs that inspire you to workout and that can get best out from you.

2. Fitness model is a combination of looks and body…so work hard on your looks too.. eat good, think positive, take good diet,rest well which contributes in looking good.

3. Eat high protein diet that keeps ur muscles hard and strong.

4. Watch your sodium intake, sodium can bloat and if in access can be a poison to your body, so drink lot of water that not just helps your skin to glow moreover helps in loss of water retention which is imp to look great in shape. all year around.

5. Stretching plays imp role in fitness modelling..allowing muscles to relax and give better output.

6. Keep changing your workout because body gets used to it and stops responding

7. Keep yourself away from addictions like smoking, drinking and any sort of  drugs that eventually hampers stamina.

9. Live in discipline in every regard.

10. Eat lot of green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits that not just contribute in body building but also in good skin too.


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