Best Exercises for Men

Aug 25, 2018

Whether your goal is to build muscle, stamina, or simply to lose weight, exercise is vital to your everyday health. Everyone has heard the age old advice that you need at least 60 minutes of vigorous activity per day in order to stay healthy. Some may claim you have to work out more frequently in order to build muscle, but don’t be fooled, as research shows that there is little to no distinction between high frequency training and low frequency training for muscle growth. With this in mind, it will be easier to focus on what you should be doing during your workouts instead of stressing about how to find the time to work out more often.


You also may not think about what you do before your workout, but you should because it can be of vital importance. This doesn’t just mean to stretch or do a little cardio before heavy lifting either. A healthy diet before and after you work out will be of great help, as well as ensure you’ve gotten enough rest beforehand. Additionally, you can get some pre workout assistance with Mesomorph, a pre workout supplement that will enhance any workout routine.


Unlike supplements that contain potentially harmful ingredients or are just loaded down with caffeine, Mesomorph is clean and contains less caffeine than a single cup of coffee. This means you get increased endurance throughout your workout and no crash. You’ll be able to work out harder and longer than before, and over time this can lead to four times as much muscle being built. Mesomorph could be an essential part of your exercise routine and get you to your desired results faster.


With this information in mind, it’s time to cover information about areas that often get neglected in workouts and some exercises to address that. After all, everyone knows about exercises like deadlifting and squats, but here are some less obvious steps to complete your routine.




You’ve heard the phrase “never skip leg day.” After all, you don’t want to build a large upper body only to be stuck with comically skinny legs by comparison. However, many men focus almost solely on quads with exercises like squats, and the calves go neglected. People don’t put much stress on their calves in daily activities either, so they can be an easy muscle to forget about.


A good way to remedy this is dumbbell calf raises. This is a simple exercise through which you hold two dumbbells at your sides and then raise your heels until you are standing on tiptoes. Holding here for 10 seconds per lift will put stress on your calves and cause the muscle to build. You can also try this with a stair stepper.


Unilateral Training


Something many neglect entirely in their workout is unilateral training—that is, simply working one limb at a time. Everyone has done squats with both legs on a stable platform before or used both their arms to perform bench presses with barbells. Things change, however, when you decide to perform actions with just one limb. Performing something like a push up or squat with only one limb is not only more strenuous in general, it also activates muscles that would otherwise be supported and resting, thus building them more than you would through bilateral actions. In addition to this benefit, unilateral training in the long run can reduce your risk for injury as there can actually be significant differences in strength between your individual limbs.




While the core isn’t usually neglected entirely, many men don’t exercise it all that effectively.

Crunches or sit ups aren’t bad, but they shouldn’t be your only go-to for strengthening your abdominal muscles. A useful core exercise many don’t practice is the stability ball plank. Think of this as a variation of the decline push up (itself about as much of a core exercise as an arm workout), except you’ll be elevating your feet on a stability ball and holding the push up position. You might be surprised how much this tests your core.


These are just a few useful, and often unseen, exercises that will have you building muscle fast. A great thing about these is that they can easily be done at home, but next time you’re at the gym, don’t be shy about getting even more ideas from a trainer.


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