Colts’ Hasselbeck: Chip Kelly ‘a good coach and fun guy’

Jan 4, 2016

Kelly’s National Football League legitimacy was validated in large part due to the fact that the New England coach had tapped into Oregon’s tempo-oriented offense before Chip brought it to the professional level.

On the day after Kelly was sacked one game short of finishing a third season as the Eagles’ head coach, most of the players – some of whom had reportedly grown exhausted of Kelly’s methods and lack of communication – were on their best behavior. On the plane back from Providence, reports leaked that DeMarco Murray had a discussion with Lurie.

“I’d say it’s really disappointing”, Belichick said.

Kelly was sacked as coach of the Philadelphia Eagles on Tuesday, with one game remaining in the season. “Pretty much everyone is one a one-year contract in this league”.

“You know you’re going to get a great offensive team out of him”, said wide receiver Bralon Addison, who played in Kelly’s blur offense as a freshman.

Belichick also gave a sideways shot at those who felt Kelly’s personnel moves were not the right ones. Besides, even if the college kids hate Kelly’s system or Harbaugh’s over-competitiveness, they’ll be out in a year or too, and the coaches will have another team of wide-eyed players with big time dreams. He does a great job, he’s done a good job with that team.

“I think that Chip had everyone believing in his system”, defensive end Brandon Graham said. “But it’s disappointing to look at coaches like Coach [Greg] Schiano, or Coach [Mike] Shanahan, or Coach Kelly, guys like that”. Look, I’m not there. “[2003], that was a good football team. I have a lot of respect for them”.

“He’ll hear what you’re saying or what you have to say”, Jenkins said. “It was surprising because I thought we were on the verge of something that could be very, very special, but it wasn’t where you could count on it based on the preseason”. “Obviously, you want someone who has a strong work ethic, someone who works extremely hard and has a connection with the players emotionally, as well”. “If you’re set in your ways, maybe closed-minded, not willing to change, it’s going to rub people the wrong way”. I just think that he didn’t have a good way to go about it, and sometimes it came off a little bit standoffish toward y’all.

Expect a more traditional approach this time around, whether they be a retread like Josh McDaniels or rising star like Adam Gase.

“If he can could build on that practice routine and the personnel routine – there’s no question some of the personnel decisions he made backfired on him – I think he’s be a very, very successful football coach”. “When you feel it up there, it does trickle down to the team”.

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