Effective marketing methods used by the pros

Sep 20, 2018

Marketing is the lifeblood of any successful business. From start-ups to large corporations, being able to reach the people that you need to and explain what you can offer them is vital. That helps to generate vital leads and revenue, and builds a loyal customer base for long-term growth.


However, it can also be an area that some businesses struggle with. With so much competition out there, you may be finding it hard to get heard above the noise. Luckily, effective marketing is not that hard and very often comes down to common sense and using the latest resources online to help. Always consider your customers’ needs first and target your marketing efforts accordingly.


Awesome marketing tips from the professionals


If you are running your own business marketing may be something you have to do but aren’t particularly confident about. Even as a marketing manager, you will constantly be looking for new ways to help your campaigns succeed. Check out the below for some awesome marketing tips from the best in the business:


  • Get more engaged on social media – you no doubt currently use social media marketing, but do you get the best out of it? Many businesses will just slap up a generic post twice a week and forget about it. That is really not the best way to go about it. As well as posting fresh content that inspires, you also need to engage with other users. That will get you noticed by more social media users and lead to more business for your e-commerce website. Twitter is a great example of this – as well as tweeting, why not re-tweet others posts with your thoughts added? Chern Lee is founder of innovative tech company Iconic Industry and shows just how Twitter should be used to engage fully on his Chern Lee account.


  • PPC advertising – if you do not currently use Pay Per Click online advertising then you should consider it. It is one of the best marketing tools around to advertise your services directly to your target audience while keeping full control of the cost. Just research the keywords your ad will target carefully and take time to effectively word the advert itself. A great tip is to use one keyword per advert for best ROI.


  • Give value to consumers – a great pro marketing tip is to give value to the public when you engage them rather than just promoting your business. Just bragging about how great you are or what you do does not connect with the modern consumer. Instead, think about what your target market consumers need and try to address them when marketing. This will build up brand awareness and loyalty along with establishing you as an authoritative source in your sector.


  • Email subject lines – another great pro marketing tip is to think about the subject line you use in your email marketing campaigns. This is often the one vital factor that will see the campaign succeed or fail. A recent development is to use just word in the subject line to inspire a sense of curiosity. That will tempt people to open it who are then more likely to visit your website and purchase goods from you.


  • Video marketing – love it or hate it, video marketing is one channel that you need to be involved with. The stats back this up – 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube each day for example. The key is to produce quality video content that gives value, entertains or solves problems for your audience. Images are also worth knowing about for social media posts. It has been found that a tweet with an image gets up to 150% more re-tweets than one without! This alone shows just why using images along with text is a great marketing tip.


Marketing is your businesses secret weapon


When you are in charge of running a business there are lots of important jobs to get done. Marketing is certainly one of the most critical for the future health of your company. Getting your marketing efforts right will not only help to build your customer base but also retain the customers that you already have. If you need a few extra tips alongside the basics that you already know about then the above should help greatly. By making some of the pro’s secrets part of your marketing toolbox, you will be well on the way to engaging with more people and seeing more sales.


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